Thursday 1 July 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

Genesis 22: 1-19. I will walk in the presence of the Lord in the land of the living – Ps 114 (116): 1-6, 8-9. Matthew 9: 1-8.

Why do you have such bad thoughts in your heart?

It’s so hard to change attitudes. No matter what Jesus said or did, it would not have been acceptable to people who were determined to catch him and judge him.

The attitude of some politicians in high offices towards asylum seekers and refugees seems stubborn. No matter how many letters to the media, letters to ministers, emails and phone calls request the return of the Sri Lankan families Nades, Priya, Kopika and Tharunica to the city of Biloela, where they are wanted, nothing happens. Will they die on Christmas Island? Medevac patients who were brought from Nauru and the island of Manus sometimes stay in hotels or prisons for many months. Lives are destroyed by hopelessness and depression, but the political preservation of face takes precedence.

Am I ready to question the unjust and inhumane policies and actions of political leaders?

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