Tributes to hero dad ‘with good heart and soul’ who was stabbed to death ‘protecting teen daughter’

TRIBUTES were paid to a heroic father who was stabbed to death after confronting a gang of teenagers.

James Markham, who was attacked after allegedly trying to defend his daughter, was “a man with a good heart and soul” according to a close friend.

Jamie was attacked outside of his own home while trying to protect his daughter.
Heartbroken Candice (left) explained how Jamie had rushed outside to protect Chloe (right)


Heartbroken Candice (left) explained how Jamie had rushed outside to protect Chloe (right)Photo credit: Facebook / Candice Roberts

The 45-year-old is said to have rushed to the aid of his daughter Chloe, who was mocked by the boys outside her house in Chingford Mount in north-east London on Monday evening.

Two 14-year-old boys were arrested, one on suspicion of murder and the other on suspicion of conspiracy to murder.

A family friend who approached the crime scene crying and did not want to be named said, “He was my friend, my neighbor. He was kind, a lovable man, a worker.

“He woke up at 5 a.m., came back at 6 p.m., did everyday life with the kids, always with the kids.”

She added, “We are devastated for Jamie. He was nice, a good person, someone who will always be there for you.

“Everything you need, he will always be there and fix everything you need out of the house.

“He always worked. He was a very good person, a man with a good heart, a good soul, he didn’t deserve that.”

Bouquets of flowers and a card were displayed in a parking lot on Churchill Terrace where the incident took place and where a police officer was patrolling Thursday.

A note with a bouquet of flowers read, “Think of you all. You will be on our thoughts and prayers. Much love. 37. Chingford Scout Group xx.”

His heartbroken wife also paid tribute to him, explaining that the group of teenagers were swinging metal bars and yelling at their daughter Chloe, 17.


Candice believes the gang were between 14 and 15 years old and relates how Jamie protected her daughter before she was stabbed.

Speaking to The Mirror, Candice said, “The guys were walking around with metal bars. They swung them and yelled at my daughter.

“It’s just disgusting. It’s not the first time – you see them walking around smashing bottles in the street.

“Just do what you want, there are no police. They are children – 14 and 15.

“My daughter didn’t know her, one of her friends knew her from school.”

The youth gang is believed to be starting grade 10 at a local school next month.

Horrified neighbors said the “whole street” could hear the screams of Jamie’s wife as he died just yards from her door.


Another resident added, “I saw hooligans running back and forth.

“The police got my dashcam because I was in the car at the time.

“It was pounding so you couldn’t hear much.

“I was shocked, especially when I saw the police perform CPR on him. I only noticed later who it was. “

Jamie has been described as a “kind family man” who was “kept to himself” by neighbors.

Susan White said, “He was a quiet family man with three children who were self-sufficient.

“It was devastating to hear his wife scream like that.”

Another neighbor, Sandra Green, added: “He wasn’t a problem at all, just went along with anything and was a kind family man.

“We’re all shocked, it’s supposed to be teenagers getting involved, but when it’s a family man, you just can’t believe it.”

The brutality of this reaction is more than shocking and our thoughts are with James’ family, devastated by their loss

BY John Marriott

The third resident, Alice McGill, 78, said, “I just know this girl was hanging out with these guys, one of them said something stupid.

“Then she went to get her father and her father came out and he died.

“It is not your fault. This girl was a real daddy girl – the poor, poor girl. “

Waltham Forest Community Security Cabinet Member Cllr Ahsan Khan said, “Like everyone in our ward, I am appalled by the murder of James Markham, who died what any parent or guardian would do: protect their family.

“James was stabbed to death in front of his wife and daughter, and my heart is with them at this devastating time.

“Your pain is our pain, and the Waltham Forest people mourn with you.”

Police were called at 6:20 p.m. Monday evening to report a malfunction in Churchill Terrace.

Detective Inspector John Marriott of the Met’s Specialist Crime Command said, “We believe that James confronted a group of youngsters who caused a disturbance and was stabbed to death as a result.

“The brutality of this reaction is more than shocking and our thoughts are with James’ family, devastated by their loss.

“The arrests of these two people are a significant development, but we still need public help to get a full picture of what went on Monday night.

“I know a number of people were present at the time of the murder. I want you to get in touch.

“I also believe that there will be parents who know that their child was there or was involved. I appeal to you to do what is reasonable and to contact us.

“A dedicated team of officials is working to piece together the tragic circumstances that led to this murder and bring those responsible to justice.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has information about what happened is urged to call the police on 101 or tweet @MetCC and quote the reference 5735 / 09AUG.

Information can also be made available to Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111.

The police have started a murder investigation after two young people have been arrested


The police have started a murder investigation after two young people have been arrestedPhoto credit: UKNIP
Paramedics couldn't save the stabbed father


Paramedics couldn’t save the stabbed fatherPhoto credit: UKNIP

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