Tuesday 22 June 2021 – Daily Prayer

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Ss John Fisher and Thomas More

Genesis 13: 2, 5-18. The righteous will live in the presence of the Lord – Ps 14 (15): 2-5. Matthew 7: 6, 12-14.

Treat others the way you want them to treat you

When young children are unkind, they are often admonished, “Don’t do this. How do you want [it/that] happen to you? ‘ Even if the lesson persists at a young age (children have an innate fairness), it can become watered down as they age. How easy it is to justify actions and words that cause offense or harm – “I didn’t mean it. . . they deserved it. . . it’s too late to apologize. . . ‘

But it is never too late for justice and fairness, as today’s readings emphasize. Jesus specifically says: “Always treat others as you would like them to treat you”. In response to the Lord’s favor, Abram builds an altar to thank the Lord, while the psalm makes it clear that those who act righteously, speak the truth, honor others, and help their neighbors will live in the presence of the Lord.

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