Wednesday 30 June 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

First martyr of the Church of Rome

Genesis 21: 5, 8-20. The Lord hears the cry of the poor – Ps 33 (34): 7-8, 10-13. Matthew 8: 28-34.

Jesus has the power to set us free from the evil in our lives

The demons in today’s gospel are the opposite of freedom and life. They live between graves, the abode of the dead. They are unable to develop human relationships and pose a threat to anyone who approaches them. As a result, they are outside the community, on the edge.

Jesus’ presence torments the demons. They recognize his divinity and, implicitly, his power to command them and free people from their control. In contrast to them, Jesus promises and invites to relationship, freedom and life.

Even though we have difficulty believing in demons, we all have our inner demons that limit our freedom and relationships with others. Let us see in Jesus the power to free us from the evil presence in our lives.

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