What is moon magic? | moon crystal manifestation

Luna, “moon” in Latin, was the Roman moon goddess. Full of luck, charm, energy, and power. She has been worshiped by people from all over the world for centuries. Many look to her for guidance, power and magic.

So what is moon magic?. The moon cycle lasts for 29 days, as the moon moves around the earth. This monthly cycle goes through 8 phases, as the moon becomes shadowed and appears to wax and wane, then become full. During these powerful phases, we can align to the energies of the moon, tuning into our own bodies natural rhythm. Focusing on what we want to welcome and what we want to rid from our life, can be done by harnessing the magic of the moon at specific times of the month. This is what moon magic is all about.

Understanding the moon phases

Each moon phase carries a different energy which we can work magic with.

Phase 1: New moon: Beginning of the cycle- cleansing. Set intentions. Look for a new job or relationship. Pay attention to new people who cross your path.

Phase 2: Waxing crescent: Growing light illuminates intentions and intuition. Reflect on your intentions. What actions to your need to take fore them to manifest? Ask for what your need.

Phase 3: First quarter: Strong light brings focus to maximize intentions. Nurture relationships with family and friends.

Phase 4: Waxing gibbous: Increasing excitement and energy nurture hopes and dreams until visible in the full moon. Put in extra efforts to complete any tasks your set yourself.

Phase 5: Full moon: Energy, abundance, fruition, gratitude, also a time of cleansing and letting go. Celebrate your achievements. Show gratitude for all that your have accomplished. Think about what your have still to complete.

Phase 6: Waning gibbous: Reflection, learning, refining based on lessons learned. Assess the situation. Be receptive to offers of help. Embrace new opportunities.

Phase 7: Last quarter: Acknowledge and release, a time for forgiveness. Let go of negativity. Rest and reflect.

Phase 8: Waning crescent: End of the cycle-renewal and inward reflection, in thought as a new cycle begins. Refocus your intentions. Have no fear! Embrace your inner strength.

Setting Intentions

Now that your are clear on the energies of the 8 moon phases, it’s time to work out how to put the magic together. First, thing is Intention setting. Intentions are our thoughts and desires which we want to become our reality. Using the phases and power of the moon, our thoughts can create their own energy. Releasing these thoughts into the universe to welcome them into our life. Intention setting can be done through journaling and meditation. Be grateful for everything your have now and everything that is to come.

Positive Affirmation

As humans, we have a bad habit of critical self talk. The thoughts that run through our minds daily can become negative. Using positive affirmations, we can turn these negative thoughts into positive ones. In the same way as developing a habit, this is how we can turn our negative self talk into positive. Repetition is the key here, which then becomes belief.

Write down any negative self talk that your recognize. Now turn that sentence around into a positive one.

“I am smart and clever and I have good friends who love me.”

“I am me and I am enough”

“I feel confident and have more energy when I am active.”

Now that your have an understanding of setting intentions and making positive affirmations, its time to prepare for moon magic.

Preparing yourself for moon magic

is all about directing universal energies to co-create with nature in order to fulfill your intentions and manifest your dreams.

Look within yourself and align with nature. Nature is all around us. Spending time in nature is remedial to the heart, body, mind and soul. Before beginning moon magic, I find it helps to re- align myself with natures energies. Smelling fresh flowers, walking among st trees in the forest, listening to the birds sing and the tiny scuttle of insects in the underbrush are always to take time in nature. Bathe in the warmth of the sun or feel your hair whip about your face in the wind.

Focus on the present time and enjoy the moment for what it is. Relax and breathe slow breaths, allowing yourself to experience thoughts, feelings and sensations.

Being at one with nature allows your to begin harnessing the energy of the moon and her phases. This in turn will amplify the potency of your moon magic.

Before your go to bed each night, step outside and sit quietly with the moon. Feel her energy. Give thanks to her for all that your have in your life and give thanks for being alive.

Working magic with the moon

Now that your have taken the time to get to know the moon and her 8 phases, your are ready to begin moon magic. Remember that your are using the moons’ energies to amplify your own energy to help manifest your intentions. Believe in the power of the moon. Allow her energy to help your create the magic.

Moon Rituals for the Full moon

1.) Making moon water

For this ritual your will be harnessing the energy of the full moon to create moon water. Fill a container with water and place a lid ontop. Take the container outside and place it beneath the light of the full moon. This will allow the water to bathe in the moons’ energy. Focus your intention towards the water so that it may soak up the energies flowing from the moons’ light.Leave your container outside for one full night. In the morning bring it inside. You can either refrigerate the water or use it to drink, bathe with or re-energise your crystals with it.

2.)Manifesting money


Stand outside beneath a full moon, holding a jade green crystal. This will give an extra energy boost to the ritual. Focus your thoughts on your money issue and what can be done to resolve it. Then say out loud towards the moon,

“when gentle waves of moonbeams sing, soft charming songs doth tell, of shimmering riches lo behold, there borne upon their wings”

Stand in quiet reflection with the moon and feel your energies combine.

3.) Moon Bath Ritual

Fill your bath with warm water and a touch of your moon water. Add bath salts, fresh rose petals, a few drops each of rose, ylang ylang and bergamot essential oils to your bath. Light some white candles and place them around the bath tub. Next place a crystal of each on the 4 corners of the bath.- amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz and moonstone. Now immerse your body into the flowing water. Close your eyes and relax your mind. Breathe in the aroma of the petals and the essential oils and allow yourself to imagine your body soaking up the light of the full moon. Feel the energy flow through your body as the water laps around your. Feel the gentle, calming sensations of the moon embracing your. Once your have spent time in your moon bath, pat yourself dry and climb into bed for a restful sleep.

4.) Bewitching spell

To get the attention of a person your feel attracted to, gather 2 rosebuds of the same color and remove the petals from each flower. Line a large plate with paper towel and mix the petals together so that your don’t know which bud they came from. Cover the petals with more paper towel. Now put the plate into the microwave for on high power for 2 minutes. Turn the petals over and microwave for a further minute. Keep on doing this until the petals have completely dried.

Put the dried petals into a glass dish and add a rose quartz crystal with 2 to 3 drops of rose essential oil. Place the dish under the light of the full moon. Picture the person your wish to attract to your in your mind. Then say out loud these words

“Full moon, infuse these petals with your energy and light, Full moon, bewitch this crystal that its message does take flight, Full moon, enchant my spirit that enticement it ignites”

Thank the moon for her energies whilst your imagine sparks of light flying out into the universe. Keep the petals by your bedside where your can see them, then trust that the universe shall bring to your what your desire.

5.) Finding a lost item

Harness the powerful light and gravitational pull of the Full moon to help your find something your have lost. Focus on the lost item and imagine it in your minds eye. Then say these words,


” Tides of nature heed your cry, and swiftly they obey. Cast your beaming rays this way to help me with this plea, For lost again, this thing I need is set not in its place. Return to me, moons’ gravity, what’s lost in time and space.”

You lost item will be found before the next full moon.

Moon rituals for the Waning moon

1.) Banishing spell

During the waning moon phase, use this spell to remove any negativity from your life. Sit quietly outside with the energy of the moon. Set your intention for what it is your wish to banish, then say out loud,


“You light grows dim, but to not fear, It guides us still when dreams appear, Tho some say nay, or block the way, Be banished here and stay away.”


2.) No more bad dreams

On the night of the waning moon, say out loud,


“You nights warm glow, its lovely show, does softly ease my fears. As sleep draws near, I hear your tales, soft whispered in my ears. That dreams they bring to carry me, so gently to that land, of nod and doze, in calm response, I slumber like a bear”

3.) A spell for weight loss


Reflect beneath the waning moon on what it is that’s holding your back from losing weight. Then say out loud,

“Knowing moon, in quiet times, I seek your tender voice. I’d like to lose some weight, my friend, which does require choice. Please help me to fill my mental plate with filling words of praise, and choose those healthy habits that will whittle down my waist!”

Rituals for the New moon

1.) A spell to Heal grief


How may the energy of the new moon soothe your aching soul? Sit quietly in the dark of a new moon. Say these words out loud or quietly,


“This is the hardest thing I have done, my grief does overwhelm, For this loss has changed my life in ways id never known, I sit fair moon, before your grace and wonder at your sight, will beauty touch my life again, beyond this fleeting sight? The moon she answers, “yes it will”, and time, it helps to heal. Return each night, we, ll gaze delight, at what gods plan reveals”

2.) Manifest abundance

Abundance in life comes in many forms, be it love, friendship, happiness or money. Think about the abundance your wish to draw into your life, then sit with the new moon and say this spell,


“So starts your phase from new to full, and brightly your to grow, Imbue my world with bounty full and riches by the hour.”

3.) A spell to let go of emotional baggage


During the night of the New moon, in your hallway, position on a table or ledge, 3 pieces of aquamarine crystal in the shape of an equilateral triangle. Next place 3 pieces of turquoise crystal in a triangle, crossing the first one to create a 6 pointed star shape. Light a black candle and place it in the center of the star, then repeat the following words,


“To let go of the past and all that is bad, oh lunar goddess, empower me with grace and all that is glad.”

4.) A ritual to greet your spiritual self


Perform this ritual during the dark of the new moon.

Take 3 moonstone crystals and place them in a triangle on a table to invoke the goddess of the moon. Place a blue candle in the center of the triangle and light it. Repeat the following affirmation,

“I welcome the hidden side of myself, and trust in the goddess of the moon, who reveals all knowledge and truth to me.”

Move the candle to the side, and place the 3 moonstones into an organza bag. Now whisper a secret that your wouldn’t tell anyone, repeating it 3 times. This is giving trust to your lunar goddess, so that she knows your are true to yourself. Next take the moonstones out of the bag and say out loud,


“My hidden spiritual self is there before me, I only have to look.”

Now place the 3 moonstones by your bedside and by the next new moon phase, your will have begun to find a connection to your spiritual self.


Spells for the Waxing moon

1.) Make a wish


On the night of a waxing moon, write on a piece of paper one wish. Make it perfectly clear in as much detail as possible, what it is your are wishing for. Once your have written your wish take your piece of paper and fold it into four, then place a piece of white quartz over it. As your to this repeat these words.


“This book, this wish, this look, this moon, all will be mine to have soon.”

Thank the moon for her powerful energies and leave the quartz and the wish in place until after the next full moon phase.


2.) A wish for greater things

We all wish for greater things in life. During a waxing moon phase, light a red candle, then write on a piece of paper or in your journal,

“I wish for greater things for myself, and to give back thew rewards I receive to make the universe and all within a better place.”

Say this out loud to set your intention with the moon.

3.) A spell to ease aches and pains

On a waxing moon phase, Imagine the moons’ beams gently falling on the area of pain. Feel the warmth radiate through. Then say out loud,

“When aches do slow and pain does grow, I conjure up the sight, Of warm moons’ glow, and fairies, lo, fair leaping with delight. O soothing rays and joyous sight, bring healing with your light.”

I hope that your enjoy making magic with the moon as much as I to. Always remember to go with the flow of her phases, reconnect with natures cycles and allow her light to bring your what your seek.

Much love







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