What is the best crystal for Leo |

Dates of the zodiac sign Leo – July 23-22 August

symbol – Lion

element – Fire

Ruling planet – Sun

Color of the zodiac sign Leo – Golden yellow / orange

Crystals – Peridot, carnelian, yellow topaz, tiger’s eye, amber, garnet

What is the best crystal for Leo?


The main birthstone for Leo is peridot. This stone carries special properties that enhance the positive personalities and traits of Leo and eliminate all negative traits. Peridot with its soothing golden-green glow serves as a guide and light of wisdom for lions.

People born under the Leo zodiac sign are known to be overly protective of the people they call their own, and with peridot around it strengthens that caring and protective instinct.

Lions are also known to be very sensitive and concerned about their image, and to love to preserve their dignity and fame. Peridot helps them grow and become more open-minded. The stone also strengthens Leo’s qualities of being truthful, loyal, loyal and lovable.


With its flame orange color and revitalizing energy, carnelian is perfect for the Leo. It helps the Leo focus on their natural traits and abilities.

Carnelian is a stone of vitality, perseverance and leadership. His bold energy works with the three lower chakras to spark motivation, encourage courage and stimulate creativity. It helps to believe in your abilities and empowers you to take action towards your goals. It boosts self-confidence, calms envy or jealousy, and helps one to feel more stable and satisfied in life.

Carnelian strengthens the natural joy and confidence of Lions so that they can open up and share their big hearts with the world. It can also help those who have reproductive and sexual difficulties.

In addition, the carnelian has a unique influence, particularly on a physical level, to aid in healing.

Physically, it is said to stimulate the metabolism, balance the health of the reproductive organs and promote fertility. Carnelian compliments Leo’s confident and enthusiastic character, reduces her excessive ego, and promotes a healthy balance between pride and humility.

Yellow topaz

Topaz soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, motivates and aligns the body’s meridians – and directs energy to where it is needed most. It promotes truth and forgiveness. Topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It is considered the stone of love and happiness. It relieves tension and ensures relaxation. Topaz promotes openness and honesty, self-realization and self-control. It helps in problem solving and helps express ideas. Stabilizes emotions and makes you receptive to love from all sources.

Tiger eye

Leos certainly boast of big cat energy, which is why the tiger’s eye is also an incredible zodiac gemstone for this wild and fabulous zodiac sign. The tiger eye birthstone brings a lot of strength and inner strength with it and fits naturally with Leo’s personal strength traits. This stone exudes self-confidence, but also brings the purification of poisonous energies and negative beliefs.

Tiger’s eye in particular is known as a filler stone that helps lions manifest their dreams and ideas and unleash their creative abilities. The stone also combines the energies of the earth and the sun to create a high but grounded vibration for Leo.

In general, the tiger’s eye is considered a powerful and majestic spiritual stone that protects the wearer from misfortune and blesses him with peace and happiness.

In addition, it is believed that the energy of the Tiger’s Eye Stone can calm our minds, keep us clear and focused, and stimulate creativity. Because of this, many think that these stones will help the owner make breakthroughs in his career and, through self-discipline, achieve his goals and then live a happy and joyful life.


Amber’s energy, especially when rubbed, distributes positive frequencies that dispel negativity and depression. It helps you develop mental and emotional defenses to protect you from negative energy or attacks of anxiety and depression.

Amber’s healing properties are aimed at treating depression and negativity, and strengthening your mental-emotional fortress while you make positive changes to eliminate negative influence and energy from your life.

This bright stone has healing properties that heal emotional wounds so that your natural radiance can shine again. Amber is also considered a very lucky mineral to bring us closer to healthy, lasting love and relationships.

As it simulates our mental focus and exploration, Amber helps us improve our memory function, which goes hand in hand with understanding grief and learning from experience to invite new love and joy. This is especially helpful for Leo, who can often distance themselves from love and are more interested in helping those around them.


Garnet helps relieve anger, especially self-criticism, and relieve jealousy by promoting inner trust. It is a good crystal for Leo to increase their willpower and resilience to all that is negative. This is another stone that will protect their hearts and love life. Their physical love is deeply covered by the protection of the garnet.

This crystal enhances the gifts and inspirations from Leos. They can be used for Leos to find success and happiness in their professional lives. With this crystal, Leos can do just about anything, professionally and professionally. This combination of the power of the crystal and the power that Lions are born with enables them to find happiness in everything they do.

Features of the zodiac sign Leo

Leos are born leaders with their creativity, enthusiasm, energy, courage and strength. At home, a Leo loves to be surrounded by luxury, beauty, and comfort. Inside the house it will look and feel warm and inviting, but still expensive and tasteful.

Leo enjoys good food and great company. Known as the “life of the party”, people find it easy to be around this zodiac sign with their warmth and self-confidence.

Those born under Leo have a strong willingness to help others progress and are willing to devote their time and energy to this cause.

Leos have high levels of organizational skills, commitment and determination, which makes them good candidates for the following careers: Politics, Marketing, CEO, Actor, Accountant, Event Organizer.

Like a lion with its pride, the lion has a strong desire to protect others. They have a heightened awareness of their surroundings, which gives them the ability to assess a situation, develop a strategy, and then implement the plan, using their ability to guide others in the process.

Lions, on the other hand, may be known to be quick-tempered and easily frustrated at times. This can feel threatening to those around you at this time.

You can have a tendency to become self-centered, overconfident, and bossy. Developing greater tolerance will help a Leo more effectively achieve their goals.

The above crystals can be helpful in all aspects of a Leo life.

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