10 Prayers for the Dying (and those Mourning Death)

A prayer for all of our tears

Dear jesus,

Today I cry tears that mean a hundred things at the same time, happy and sad and desperate and hopeful. I trust that if you catch them, you will sort them out, hear and answer every prayer they represent.

I cry for those left behind, for the lonely with hollow hearts. I ask you to comfort us, bring peace, restore hope, and shower us with love, family and belonging. Meet us in the depths of loss with yourself.

I cry for the legacy this loved one leaves behind, for the way the world has been changed by his presence, for the memories that become more beautiful and painful on this side of death. And I pray that the work you have accomplished in this remarkable life will become deeper, wider, and stronger in the days to come, uninhibited by a weak adversary like death.

I cry for those who have not yet accepted your invitation to eternal life, for those who mourn today without hope. I pray for the awakening in their hearts, for a movement that attracts you. I pray for more attendees in the great reunion that is planned for the ages to come.

I cry for all the ways the world went wrong and all the ways you got it right again. I ask you to make me your work to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth.

I cry because I know that you are here with me. And because you are here, even my tears mean something.

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