Grieving mum’s emotional plea after ‘pure soul’ son, 13, died of suspected drug overdose as 14-year-old boy held

A grieving mother made an emotional plea to “protect our children” after her 13-year-old son died of an alleged drug overdose.

Mehmet Altun, 13, was hospitalized after being found “extremely unwell” on August 19 on Columbia Road, Dorset.


Mehmet Altun (13) tragically died on August 19 after an alleged drug overdoseCredit: Collect
His heartbroken mother urged parents to


His heartbroken mother urged parents to “protect our children”.Credit: Collect

A 14-year-old boy from Bournemouth was later arrested on suspicion of delivering a Class A controlled drug after the student’s death and was released as part of the investigation.

An autopsy has not yet been performed, but police believe the teen died of a drug overdose.

Now, his heartbroken mother Aynur Altun has paid tribute to her late son as she grapples with his loss while she warns other parents to check on their children.

“Mehmet was always a pure soul.

“Anyone who knew him personally, be it his family or a friend, would say that Mehmet would never harm any living being,” she told the Bournemouth Echo.

“He was afraid of dogs and cats and was always by my side, at home or outside.”

She shared how her only son dreamed of becoming a hairdresser after he left his school in Poole.

The sad Aynur said she lost Mehmet to an “ongoing problem of drug and gang culture” among youth.

“As a mother, I turn to all parents to say we need to protect our children,” she said.

“Social media is so dangerous and steps must be taken to ensure that the safety of our children is our top priority. The police can only so much take the appropriate measures.

“As parents, it is our duty to protect our children. Don’t be calm when you witness outside. If you see a young person who seems uncomfortable or concerned, just speak to them and ask. “

The tragic Mehmet will be remembered at a peaceful protest organized by his family in Bournemouth this weekend to shed light on the drug problem.

I lost my only son, I’ll never finish school, move out, have his own children, build his career.

Aynur AltunMehmet’s mother

The demonstration will begin on the Pier Approach at 12 noon on Saturday and will continue through the Lower Gardens and end in the Square.

“People need to understand that all children are extremely vulnerable. No matter how you raise a child, whether you treat them with love or have a strict relationship, children are easily influenced by outsiders, ”added Aynur.

“They think that they are doing their family a favor by not being honest or open about the things they do, the people they talk to, and the neighborhoods they go.

“I ask all young people reading this, especially teenagers, to keep their families close. Don’t distance yourself from them, your family is the only one who can ever protect you.

“Please do not seek fake happiness or satisfaction by trying to gain access to drugs or engaging in dangerous behavior. It will never be worth it.

“You may think you’re in control, but no matter how carefully you think you’re doing it, this culture is not the answer or solution to your problems. Seek support from your family, they are the only ones right next to you.” You are .


“I lost my only son, I’ll never finish school, move out, have his own children, build his career.

“Let this be a warning, a sign, a reminder to keep your loved ones closer than ever.

Dorset Police are investigating Mehmet’s final moments and have appealed to anyone who may have seen him on his bike yesterday afternoon.

Detective Inspector Neil Third of the Dorset Police said, “This is a very tragic incident where such a young life is lost and my thoughts are with Mehmet’s family and friends.

“Officials are investigating the circumstances of Mehmet’s death. An autopsy has not yet taken place, but we currently suspect he may have died from a drug overdose.

“We believe that Mehmet was out on his bike for a while between about 12:10 and 13:45. The bike is described as an orange / red mountain bike with two different wheels.

“I hope someone saw him during this time and can help us find out where he went and if he met anyone.

“Anyone with information that may aid our investigation is urged to contact us.”

The student was described by his grieving mother as a


The student was described by his grieving mother as a “pure soul”Photo credit: PA

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