3 Tips for Jupiter in Pisces: Feelings, Soul and Service

On May 13th (or the 14th if you are in Australia) Jupiter begins its transit through Pisces. The next two and a half months, through July 28th, will be a preview of what this cycle has to offer and how it can reshape events and experiences. Jupiter’s most powerful Pisces transit occurs from December 29, 2021 to May 10, 2022, when Jupiter travels through the entire sign of Pisces in just five months.

How Jupiter in Pisces affects each of our horoscopes and our lives will vary from house to house. Jupiter in Pisces will expand and help develop in your horoscope. You can read the cheat sheet guide / mini horoscope below (read for your ascending or ascending sign!)

However, Jupiter in Pisces will change the collective astro mood and activate possibilities in a common way. There are so many topics and threads to explore regarding Jupiter in Pisces, so these three tips are just a starting point to help you connect with this powerful energy shift.

Three tips for Jupiter in Pisces

One – water your mind
Jupiter in Pisces is like cooling, gentle rain for a tired, tired soul. As the parched, arid earth of you within soften under the touch of Jupiter in Pisces, you may become more and more aware that something is missing from your spiritual life or how to define and find meaning. Spiritual and mystical practices can pique your interest as you look for new or more meaningful ways to nourish your mind. Meditation, working with cards or crystals, connecting with the energies of plants, nature and animals are just a few ways you can experiment to find new ways to connect with the divine. Philosophy and poetry can also play a role. When you long for something or feel insecure, the answer is likely not to be found in material goods or worldly objects and accomplishments, but by going within and finding a new or deeper connection with the divine.

Two – feed your heart
As you spend more time with yourself, in reflection, or by being calm and still, you will likely feel a lot more or become more aware of what you are feeling. In order to nourish your heart, you must first know your heart. There is a large part of Jupiter in Pisces transit that has to do with helping you acknowledge, explore, and learn about your feelings. I talk about it more in mine Jupiter in Pisces: Dreaming about the future webinarwhere I especially mention grief. Jupiter in Pisces invites you to explore the full breadth and depth of all your feelings, the happy and good feelings, as well as the sad and uncomfortable feelings. This could be a whole new concept to you, or maybe you already have some practice in noticing your feelings that you are ready to deepen. Perhaps sometimes you can quickly identify an emotion or feeling that you have on your mind, while sometimes your attention may be drawn to your emotional response by changes in your body, such as increased breathing or breathing rate, sweating or ease or Tightness in the shoulders or stomach. These physical sensations can be clues that you are feeling something big. Learning to identify and connect with one’s feelings is one of the great pieces of personal growth that Jupiter offers in Pisces.

Find three ways to serve
Helping others is one of the most useful things you can do. Jupiter in Pisces can activate compassion for the suffering or struggle of others, or it can help bring to the surface the desire to share, guide, mentor, or teach others. When you are feeling more, service is a helpful way to express it or to partake of compassion. There are so many possibilities. You can donate to or publicly support a charity, take time to volunteer with an organization whose mission is important to you, provide yourself to answer questions, or provide advice to younger members of your family or community give, or generally seek mentoring or giving something back by whatever means you can. Finding ways to serve could mean making a commitment to learn more about a social problem or collective cause that matters to you. There are many areas of need in the world and as one person one cannot resolve all of them, but giving for a cause or mission is like dropping a drop in the ocean of healing.

Jupiter in Pisces: Away from Saturn

As Jupiter travels through Pisces in mid-2021, Jupiter will finally be freed from the weight and limitations of Saturn, at least for a few months until Jupiter returns to Aquarius in late July. Since this is the first in a series of three transits of Jupiter through Pisces, the next two and a half months are like a preview; a period of time that can make you aware of where and how you are ready to shift your priorities and help clarify how you might be ready to grow. This means that in the first five months of 2022 when Jupiter returns to Pisces, you will have a feel for what to explore and what to immerse yourself in.

How Saturn fares in Aquarius without Jupiter, there is a story for another day. For now, as we celebrate Jupiter’s entry into Pisces, this is a chance to prepare for growth and explore new avenues to wisdom and meaning.

Your mini horoscope for Jupiter in Pisces Pi

TIP: Read for your ascending or ascending sign to find out which main themes Jupiter supports in Pisces and helps you stabilize.

Aries – Rest, retreat and time away from your usual schedule. This once in 12 year cycle is perfect for letting go of the old in preparation for the new.

bull – Friends, groups and community projects both in the IRL and online as well as networking opportunities. Mingle and meet new people.

Twins – Career and direction in life. Decisions and events that advance life are possible. Jupiter supports you and helps you shine in the spotlight and make meaningful decisions at work.

cancer – Travel, adventure, meaning and purpose. Take the time to do more of what you love. See the world or study and develop wisdom on topics that feel meaningful and interesting to you.

lion – Finances, in particular investments, family finances, taxes and pensions. Smart decisions now can help you organize or create assets and prepare for the future.

Virgin – Relationships! Your focus is on other people and how to nurture your most important partnerships. Professional and personal partnerships are ready for growth and new opportunities.

Libra – Health, wellness, work and daily rituals. It is time to review and update your schedule, especially to get a work-life balance and take better care of your body.

Scorpio – Fun! Romance, pleasure, happiness and joie de vivre are the top priorities. Less work, more play. You’re worth it. Get creative and enjoy more of your favorite activities.

Sagittarius – home, family and your personal life. Take time to refuel at home or maintain family relationships. Decorate, clear out and improve your living space in other ways.

Capricorn – communicate! Jupiter in Pisces will encourage self-expression and you can find new ways to share your thoughts and ideas. Learning, writing, researching, and keeping your brain active will also be important.

Aquarius – Money, especially cash flow, income, and personal investments. Organize your budget and monetary plan for the next 12 years. Jupiter in Pisces can offer opportunities for wealth and finance.

fish – Celebrate yourself! It is your time to shine. Personal growth and self development are most important, and you can find new ways to nourish your mind and body.

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