How to Have Peace Outside of Comfort Zones

There is a safety in our comfort zone that our carnal heart fights for, but we often find that life has other plans. Our comfort zones are familiar, known and are often located where fear is rare. When life changes and we are thrown beyond these established limits, we can still find peace; a peace that can only be given by God.

An oxymoron?

At first glance, the idea of ​​having peace when you’re in the middle of something new, inconvenient, or unfamiliar seems like an oxymoron. What we should take into account is that God Himself is with us in every new area we enter. He has proven this over and over again in the Bible, and these promises hold the same truth for us today. Hebrews 13: 8 reminds us that he is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, which means we can be assured that no matter what changes in our lives, God will never change.

Examples of his loyalty

The Word of God provides example after example of God’s faithfulness, even in the darkest of places. In the book of Daniel we are told the story of a righteous man and his devotion to God. The ruler in Daniel’s day issued a decree forbidding prayer and worship of the one true God, but Daniel’s allegiance was to God, not to man. Therefore, he continued to pray to God three times a day. When the news of this came out, Daniel was punished by being thrown into a lions den. This would clearly be out of everyone’s comfort zone, but Daniel knew whatever was going to happen, he wouldn’t go on such a journey alone. In 6:22 we are told: “My God sent his angel, and he closed the jaws of the lions. You did not hurt me because I was found innocent in his eyes, Majesty. “Daniel was granted divine peace by God, even in the darkest of places. If God can give peace to a mortal man even when surrounded by feral carnivores, think about what he can do in our own situation.

Eyes on Christ

God himself will often call us into unknown waters. At first it can feel daunting and scary, and we may even wonder if it can really bring out a single drop of goodness, but don’t give up. Remember how Jesus asked Peter to get out of the boat and go to him when he was on the water. Logically everything in him must have meant that stepping on the water would not bring a firm footing to a standstill, but he kept Christ in his eye. It was only when he let Jesus out of his sight and doubted that he sank into the water. But even in this swaying, Jesus was right there to reach out to him, to pull him up. In the same way, Jesus can call us to get out of the boat in our own lives and do something that seems impossible to everyone else and even to our own deliberations. When our eyes, hearts, and minds are on Him, that’s where the miracles happen and that’s where we grow as we journey. Believe that if He has called you to grow, there is a plan.

Promise to hold on

In the Gospel of John 14:27, Jesus understands our human existence, but he offers a beacon of hope by saying: “I make peace with you; I give you my peace. I do not give you as the world gives. Do not be troubled or fearful in your hearts. “Jesus’ words are not a mistake, and they are more deliberate than we can even understand. It is not just a compelling offer to calm us down, but a direct assurance He is giving us would like to offer us His peace in spite of our circumstances. 1 Peter 5: 7 urges us to “throw all your worries on him because he cares about you.” The act of throwing was one that Peter knew well from his time as a fisherman before he stopped all to follow Christ. When fishermen cast a net, they don’t do it just once before they quit, rather it is an iterative action. Just as we can to do again and again when we throw our fears and worries on Jesus. We are not a trouble or burden to Him; in fact, He delights in our coming to Him in communication with our true feelings. So let us be encouraged, Passing our fears on to him, but also inviting him to give us the peace that we urgently need.

A prayer for peace

Lord God

We thank you for this day. Father, we know that in this life it is impossible to stay in our comfortable and safe bubbles at all times. We know there will be times when we will be far from these limits of security, whether by living circumstances or a phone call from you, but we also know that we can have true peace even in these times. This true peace comes from you and only from you. We come before you vulnerable today for this peace, no matter what situation we are in. We throw these worries on you and truthfully admit it’s scary. Lord, we know that you love us so much and that you will never leave us. In these moments, pour your peace over us and help us to realize that we are not alone. Allow us not only to find peace within you, but to hear your voice clearly today. Our peace remains in you.

In Jesus name


Peace in chaos is possible when we choose to make God our source of peace. He can give us peace beyond understanding (Philippians 4: 7), and we can trust him fully. No matter what you face today, remember that peace is your share of God’s fullness for you. Go before Him and sincerely ask for His peace by inviting Him to all that is before you today.

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Cally Logan is a writer and US history teacher based in Richmond, Virginia. In her spare time, she enjoys leading a small group of high school girls, cooking, and spending time in tree houses. Your latest books, Dear young sparrow and Revealed are available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Check them out on Instagram and Twitter, @CallyLogan.

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