31 Days with St. Ignatius: The Ignatian Year Edition

July is almost here, which means we are preparing for the 12-year 31 days with St. Ignatius. This original month-long celebration of Ignatian spirituality leads to the feast day of its namesake on July 31st. We have put together a calendar of Ignatian articles and more so you can find daily inspiration for the story and influence of St. Ignatius.

Then, in honor of the Ignatian Year, our regular dotMagis blog contributors and special guests will share their cannonball moments – moments that changed their lives, like a cannonball hit 500 years ago the course of St. Look for contributions from authors such as Jim Manney, Becky Eldredge, Fiona Basile, and others. Subscribe to dotMagis to get these posts in your inbox.

Join the celebration by writing your own thoughts in the comments on this or any post. Use the hashtags # Ignatius500 and # 31Days with Ignatius on your favorite social media and share your own cannonball moment and the way you were touched by St. Ignatius and the spiritual outlook that bears his name.

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