4 Prayers for Courage to Do the Right Thing

3. Abigail: Courage to act quickly

Sometimes we need the courage to act quickly to do the right thing. Knowing when to act instead of standing by and doing nothing is important. It is also important that we do the right thing when we act. We don’t want to think, “I should or shouldn’t have done this”.

On the one hand, it is easy to act impulsively when our emotions run high. However, this can lead to disastrous results, especially when we are angry or upset. On the other hand, we can be reluctant to take action, which often leads to our inability to act at all.

In the story of Abigail, we see that wisdom precedes the courage to act quickly and do the right thing.

Abigail was a woman who acted quickly and wisely. In the heat of the moment, she did the right thing, not only preventing catastrophe to her household, but also preventing David from taking revenge and doing wrong. –1 Samuel 25: 18-34. Abigail faced David humbly and fearlessly. As a woman who acted alone without her husband’s knowledge (1 Samuel 25:19), she contradicted the social expectations of her time.

The Bible encourages us to ask God for wisdom. And God freely gives wisdom when we ask for it.

Today or tomorrow, you may face a situation where you must have the courage to act quickly and do the right thing. Don’t waste time asking God for His wisdom, which is so much better than worldly wisdom.

Lord God, I not only want to have the courage to act quickly when it is necessary, but also to make sure that my actions are right and pleasant in your eyes. I ask you to give me the wisdom to know when to act quickly in order to do the right thing. If I can avert disaster in my home or around the world, show me how to act wisely. If I can prevent others from doing wrong, whether in my family, in church, at work, or in the ward, give me the courage to stand up and speak. If I have to do the right thing in violation of today’s norms, give me common sense and integrity. Lord, thank you for the wisdom you give to those who ask. I ask you in advance to give me wisdom if necessary. Fill me with humility and courage to do the right thing quickly.

In Jesus name. Amen

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