Love Horoscope for the Week of August 30

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On Thursday, Mars versus Neptune is accurate. This can be a really wonderful and energetic transit, especially when it comes to interesting and playful sex. It may not be the best time to make decisions about who to bed with, but as long as you’re at least a reasonable person, things probably won’t turn out too badly.

To fully understand the romantic astrological forces at play this week, we need to discuss one of the worst sounding words in astrology. I am referring to the quincunx.

The quincunx is an aspect that arises when two planets are 150 degrees apart. It connects planets that are in two signs that usually have absolutely nothing in common. Think of it this way: three weeks ago we saw Venus versus Neptune. Venus versus Neptune was a bit like going to the bar and drinking too much with friends, but generally having a good time; somehow they made you come home even if you were kind of fooling yourself.

Venus Quincunx Neptune is more like going to the bar with your friends, drinking too much, then your friends let you on the jumps, you lose your wallet and the next morning you wake up in a stranger’s bathtub.

Okay, that might sound a bit harsh. But for me the quincunx is an incredibly annoying aspect. (Full disclosure: I have a prominent sun-moon quincunx in my own natal chart, and I know that I can be incredibly annoying myself at times.)

On Saturday, Mercury trine Saturn is accurate. This is an excellent time to put your thoughts and words in order. If there is someone you need to apologize to, this is a good time to do so. Clarity of thought may not sound particularly romantic, but it is sometimes necessary in a relationship.

Finally on Sunday Venus square Pluto is accurate. Oh, you thought Venus Quincunx Neptune was confusing? Just wait until you try to make sense of your love life with Venus Square Pluto. Venus in Libra has a reputation for being soft and sweet and caring, and Pluto in Capricorn has a reputation for giving a damn whose sandcastle it knocks over. When you put the two together in the square aspect, you may find that the romantic demands made by someone in your life are overwhelming and presumptuous. Plus, it’s not a really good time to be on a budget or on a diet.

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