8 Meditation Exercises You Can Easily Use To Meditate More

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8 meditation exercises you can use to meditate more often

These meditation exercises allow you to meditate every day without having to reschedule your entire calendar.

1. Meditation exercises for beginners: Meditate in small intervals

The best way to meditate more is to commit to smaller intervals. Instead of setting aside an hour a day for meditation, set aside several intervals of two or five minutes. Meditating at smaller intervals allows you to spread your meditation out so that you can do more without having to reschedule your entire day.

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2. Integrate meditation into your routine

Another way to meditate more is to just incorporate it into your routine. As with anything else, you need to prioritize your meditation. If you don’t make it part of your routine, you won’t. Many choose to incorporate a meditation into either their morning or night routine.

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A smart way to incorporate meditation into your routine is to simply meditate for a few minutes before or after each meal. Since you have to take time to eat anyway, use this time to meditate as well. Meditating before you eat is a great way to slow your mind down before you eat, which will result in you choosing healthier foods and enjoying your meal more.

3. Meditation exercises against fear: multitasking while meditating

The third way to meditate more is to multitask while you meditate. Whenever you do daily chores like cleaning or standing in line for your coffee, you can do little meditations. By meditating during your daily routine, you can maximize your time without cutting any parts out of your schedule.

4. Try yoga to exercise and meditate at the same time

You can also meditate more by changing your exercise routine. Instead of going to your regular Zumba class, try a yoga class instead. Yoga is a great form of exercise that challenges the mind and body. Almost all yoga classes incorporate meditation into their exercises so that you can train and meditate at the same time.

5. Guided Meditation Practice: Listen to a guided meditation while you shower

Many people use their shower time to reflect and reflect on their lives. So it makes sense to use this time to meditate more. While you are showering, you may want to practice breathing techniques or listen to guided meditation. Just make sure that you take special precautions so you don’t slip and fall.

6. Meditate during the advertisement

Another great way to meditate more is to meditate while watching TV commercials. Like most people in the modern age, you probably watch a lot of television. Instead of surfing the internet during commercial breaks, use this time to strengthen your mind through meditation.

7. Meditation Exercises for Sleep: Falling asleep with a guided meditation

The seventh tip to meditate more is to fall asleep while listening to a guided meditation. It takes most people a few minutes before they can fall asleep. Use these minutes to listen to a guided meditation. While listening to guided meditation might make you think that listening to guided meditation will keep you awake, there are many that are purposely designed to be asleep so you can meditate and fall asleep quickly.

8. Think of anywhere as your meditation space

The final tip for meditating more is to look everywhere you go other than your meditation room. Many people fall into the trap of thinking that there is a need to meditate in a quiet, quiet room. Although a quiet room can make meditation easier, any location is suitable for meditation. Try to change your mentality about your meditation room and instead see the world as your meditation room.

Meditation exercises affirmations to support your daily routine

  • I deserve to have a special time today to do whatever I want to do. If I want to be productive and efficient every day, it is necessary to have time to regenerate, recharge and invigorate my mind, body and soul.
  • Meditation does all of these tasks and is an integral part of every day.
  • Meditating brings me a sense of comfort and improved wellbeing.
  • When I meditate, I focus on my breathing. As I free my mind from foreign thoughts, I feel my body relax in the rhythm of my breathing.
  • For me, meditation is one of the greatest joys of my life. It helps me stay focused during my busy days.
  • I trust the process of meditation because it brings me so much peace and quiet.
  • When I want to calm myself down from a hectic day, I take 10 minutes to meditate. I am amazed at the difference these 10 minutes make in my day.
  • The stress and distress I feel before I sit down to meditate go away at the end of my meditation session. I am renewed. From this point on, I start the day again. Meditation is really a treasured gem in my daily routine.
  • Today I plan to meditate for at least 3 10 minute sessions. I believe that this meditation helps me to feel calm, to deal with difficult events more easily, and to deal more successfully with my own emotions.
  • The time I spend meditating ensures that my life is filled with the joy and achievement I deserve.

Questions about self-reflection:

1. How often do I meditate?
2. What thoughts and feelings do I have about meditation?
3. What would I have to do to meditate every day?

As you can see, there are many techniques and methods that you can use to bring meditation into your everyday life. Meditation doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming, it can be as easy as taking deep breaths while waiting in line or for an appointment, taking a mindful walk during a work break, or just spending a few days outdoors on log.

The best place to start is to make a commitment to take some time out of your activities in order to center your thoughts and focus your attention on your breath and your mental state.

The more you practice these simple meditation exercise techniques, the better you will feel in your meditation practice and know that you are making progress in your meditation life skills.

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