Ghost Hunters Claim Spirit Warned Them To ‘Get Out’ 300-Year-Old Cave

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Tony and Beth Ferguson are ghost hunters in their spare time, but even they were shocked when they encountered some less friendly ghosts in the Carnglaze Caverns in Liskeard, Cornwall.

The couple from New Forest, Hampshire had a spooky experience at the slate mines, where the Royal Navy also stored rum many years ago. Tony remarked, “I’ve been to countless haunted places in the UK and around the world, but this place surprised me. I felt very uncomfortable. ‘

Fortunately, the couple managed to capture images and audio of the ghosts they saw.

Check out the creepy video below:

The couple claim they managed to catch a glimpse of two ghosts and recorded a little girl who said “hello”. For the recordings, the couple used cameras that only light up when they are touched.

Tony explained, “We haven’t even had reports that it was a haunted place, we were just visiting and there was something to be done.”

As we walked around, I felt like I was being followed, as if something was behind us. I usually carry my cameras with me, so I just put them around and couldn’t believe what we were able to capture.

Out of nowhere, that white mist flew right in front of me and seemed to stop and change shape before disappearing.

Ghost Story (Caters Media Group)Caters media group

Also, Tony claimed that they could both hear voices whispering all the time, but the most disturbing moment was when one of them told them to “get out”.

The couple certainly had an otherworldly experience, but luckily for these two, things that rumble in the night are no stranger to them.

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