Author Maxine Hall Nickles’ new book, ‘Soul Inspired Poems: Inspiration Reading’, is a compilation of melodic poetry detailing undying love and faith in God

The latest publication, Soul Inspired Poems: Inspiration Reading, by Maxine Hall Nickles, author of Newman Springs Publishing, is a heartfelt collection of poems that depict belief in God and how it fits into everyday life. Through melodic verses and symbolism, the revelation of inspired faith is tangible.

DECATUR, Georgia – July 30, 2021 – (

Maxine Hall Nickles, an ordained minister with a passion for song and poetry, has completed her new book, Soul Inspired Poems: Inspiration Reading, an inspiring collection of faith-based poems.

Nickels writes: “As I grow in Christ, speaking of how Christ changed my life, I was able to say goodbye to drugs and alcohol. “Do not throw me off you, O Lord” is a prayer that can be read or said when one is feeling alone. “Look at the hill” is designed to encourage your faith to know that Jesus is right with you in every situation. You are not alone. “Stand up and shine” is about your birth, because on that day the Lord chose you to be born. A special gift speaks of the birth of a child. A child is a very precious and special gift that we should look out for with special care, because children are gifts from God. “

The compelling story of Maxine Hall Nickles, published by Newman Springs Publishing, weaves beautiful poems depicting aspects of belief in everyday life.

Nickles’ inspired beliefs are tangible through melodic verse and symbolism.

Readers who want to experience this fascinating work can buy Soul Inspired Poems: Inspiration Reading anywhere in bookstores or online from the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Author Maxine Hall Nickles’ new book, Soul Inspired Poems: Inspiration Reading, is a compilation of melodic poetry that describes undying love and belief in God

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