Ma Lessie’s Chicken & Waffles brings soul food back to Reading Terminal Market

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – As more people return to town, both commuters and tourists will want to try this bustling new soul food place that has a connection to the previous one. Ma Lessie’s Chicken & Waffles is now occupying the KeVen Parker’s Soul Food Cafe booth. Owner Perry Ison had a longstanding relationship with the … Read more

Soul Manifestation Reviews: Personalized Soul Reading Report

How can you define a perfect life? What are the indicators that you are enjoying your life to the fullest? Is it a healthy life? Successful career? A loving family? Some people have immeasurable wealth, well-paying careers, and are healthy but still unhappy. Why? They don’t understand their purpose in life. According to the creator … Read more

Author Maxine Hall Nickles’ new book, ‘Soul Inspired Poems: Inspiration Reading’, is a compilation of melodic poetry detailing undying love and faith in God

The latest publication, Soul Inspired Poems: Inspiration Reading, by Maxine Hall Nickles, author of Newman Springs Publishing, is a heartfelt collection of poems that depict belief in God and how it fits into everyday life. Through melodic verses and symbolism, the revelation of inspired faith is tangible. DECATUR, Georgia – July 30, 2021 – ( … Read more

Books feed the soul. Here’s what restaurateur Mark Canlis is reading

The Pacific Northwest loves reading, and what better way to get suggestions for books than asking around? In this monthly issue, we ask prominent residents of the Northwest which books they read, re-read, and recommend – and why. This month: Mark Canlis, Co-owner of Canlis in the third generation – the loyal representative of fine … Read more