Crystal grids why they work

What is a crystal lattice?

A crystal lattice is a way of working with crystals that usually consists of arranging them into geometric shapes or patterns. Crystal lattices often incorporate sacred geometry into their design, like the flower of life.

Would you like to strengthen your intuition? Increase the creaactivity? Do you increase the vibration of your room? Or improve your health and physical vitality?

Do you want to encourage sweet dreams and restful sleep? Obvious financial abundance? Or maybe you want to attract meaningful relationships and soul connections?

There really is no limit to what you can do in your life … Make up your mind and write it down on a piece of paper. Writing is a special kind of magic that really helps anchor your intention.

Crystal Grids, Why They Work

Crystal lattices work by directing energy towards a specific need. This could be love, wealth, professional success, or any other area that you think requires special attention. When you are ready to manifest your intentions and turn your dreams into reality, read on. This guide contains all the information you need to start a crystal lattice

Crystal grids are an incredibly powerful and beautiful way to manifest your dreams, goals, and intentions. They are powerful remedies too. The power of a crystal lattice comes from the combined energies of the crystals you use, how you lay them out, and the intentions you set.

Crystal lattices use the energy of crystal groups and sacred geometry to create an energy shift and bring about the desired change. They can also maintain the energy of a situation or anchor energy.

You can create your own crystal lattices by combining the properties of different crystals with geometric shapes that support your intent. It’s much easier to follow a crystal lattice that has already been designed by someone else.

Sacred geometry

Many crystals have a geometric crystalline structure or shape. These work very well when combined with the geometric patterns of the crystal lattice. Each crystal carries its own unique energy and meaning. Crystal grids use the energetic properties of different crystals to support you in your goal or intention.

Sacred geometry is the metaphysical science and belief that the geometric patterns found in nature and in the cosmos are like a divine fingerprint. Since it behaves like a frame of creation, it makes sense that we should be working with sacred geometry to manifest something in our world. Different geometric shapes and symbols have their own special uses and can tap into different types of energy.

Numerology is the ancient spiritual science of numbers and is closely related to sacred geometry. By carefully choosing the number of crystals you can tap into their symbolic meaning and power within the lattice. Not all grids use the symbolic power of numbers. I love working with numerology in my crystal grids to aid the intent behind it. Working in multiples of certain crystals amplifies their energy and helps focus them on a specific task.

Your mind and thoughts also direct energies. When crystals are charged with your intention and arranged with a specific purpose in mind, then they really work best. Clarity is vital to manifestation and all spiritual work. You can charge your crystals for them with your intent by programming them. This is really just a job so they can help you.

The crystalline structures of the crystals help store your intention and spread it for as long as you want. If the crystal lattice is used to manifest something, it can help attract your target through the law of attraction.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a crystal lattice

1.) The first step is to decide what your intentions are for the grid. Feel free to write this on a piece of paper and place it under the central stone in your grid. Try to say exactly what you want and, as mentioned earlier, try to stick to a need instead of wanting it if you can.

2.) Choose your crystals. You can do this keeping in mind the properties of each crystal and your intentions, but you can also work with whatever you have on hand. Above all, trust your intuition and whatever you feel guided to apply it. It is important to clean your crystals and the room where you will be making your crystal lattice. There are many ways to clean your crystals. You can use sounds like crystal or Tibetan singing bowls. Moonlight is another option. You can simply put your crystals in the moonlight to clean them during a full moon. Other options are to bury your crystals in the earth, place them in sunlight, water, use Reiki, or salt. Just be careful as some crystals don’t like water, like selenite.

3.) Put the piece of paper you wrote your intentions on in the center of your room and, as you do, say what your intentions are, either in your mind or out loud. Take a moment to really slow down and connect with your own mind and the energy of the universe as you do this. You may want to light a candle or play relaxing music while doing so.

4.) Some people believe that it is best to start from the outside and go in, or others prefer to start in the middle and train. Do what feels right to you and put down your crystals. Some people like to use sacred geometry for this, and it gives them easy guidance on where to place their crystals.

5.) The next step is to activate your grid. I like to do this with a clear quartz tip. This is a kind of energetic “point-to-point” when you touch each crystal with your tip and draw an invisible line to connect them together. It is best to leave your crystal grid in place for a while instead of putting it away right away. I like to leave mine for at least 48 hours, but do whatever works for you. Some people leave them there for a long time.

6.) Say a prayer of thanks – one of the most important and powerful actions you can use to manifest the goal of your grid.

With that, crystal lattices, why they work, have an end. Do you have any interesting crystal lattice designs that you would like to share? Feel free to comment below.

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