Love Horoscope for the Week of January 25

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“Have you thought about having a nice fuck in your living room?”
– Pick-up service from a 1970s carpet shop

Congratulations to everyone who survived the potential chaos that came with Mars conjunct Uranus, square Saturn and Jupiter! Good work. I worried about things there for a while. Can we go back to love and romance now?

Mars conjunct Uranus may have passed the exact degree, but it is still fully effective this week without the discomfort that Saturn caused from this combination. One of the more obvious effects of Mars conjunct Uranus is a sudden surge in sex drive. Of course, this is an important component in romantic relationships, but there is more to it than that. Mars has been through a lot of stress and strain lately, and its energies have not come out in the best and most useful form.

However, be careful of your ego (and the egos of others). Sun square Uranus is right on Tuesday, which can make most of the week a little uncomfortable as people walk around trying to “rule” others. Remember, the exact Mars-Uranus conjunction may be behind us, but it is still happening. This energy can be difficult to manage properly.

That will change a bit this week, because Venus conjunct Pluto is exactly on Thursday and makes the week filled with all sorts of strong needs and desires. If you’re in a relationship, now is a good time to do better. And if you’re not in a relationship, now is a good time to start one. Or possibly to break your budget or diet. Be careful where you invest your Venus energy this week. So overall, yes: maybe you should consider having a nice fuck in your living room instead of ordering that huge package of pop tarts on Amazon.

Thursday is that too Full moon in Leo. As with all full moons, I advise caution with mood swings. This particular full moon is complicated because of him Square to Mars and Uranus. This could make the outbursts and mood swings that often accompany a full moon much louder and more terrible. Contributing to this mood is almost accurate Sun-Jupiter conjunction. To sum it up, yes, we all love you. We all love you. Now that we have that, could you please stop yelling at us about how adorable and great you are?

But nothing else? If something goes wrong in your love life, there is always an opportunity to speak things up. But you’d better get that out of the way, because on Saturday Mercury is going retrograde and the chances are good that this sorry email has gone to the wrong address.

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