Direct Day: Mercury in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius Point to the Future

Monday October 18 brings two welcome astrological turning points as both Mercury and Jupiter stations are direct. This means the end of each of their retrograde degrees. In return, you will find that different areas of your life feel like they come to life after a period of water treading. You may also feel that your energy and efforts can now be focused on growth and progress, rather than dealing with delays or warming up the past.

In the days after October 18, you may feel like a deadlock is finally back on track, or circumstances have changed so you can now move on to a bigger plan.

Mercury retrograde ending can help with organization and planning, as well as documents and correspondence related to trade, legal status (immigration etc), and business, such as paperwork, online orders, returns, discounts, offers and more. Mercury, stopping its retrograde development, can also help you get rid of technical or internet problems that have been troublesome for the past few weeks.

Compared to Jupiter, Mercury is about short-term affairs or smaller, transactional interactions. These are the encounters and details of daily life so you may find that things are going more smoothly, or that some of the mental pressures, worries, or overwhelm of the past few weeks are easing. Second chances and the opportunity to completely resolve or clear up a misunderstanding are also possible.

Jupiter, which ends its retrograde, can help clarify bigger and bigger life plans. Jupiter has been retrograde since mid-June, so things or projects that have stalled may slowly start moving or take on a new shape in the coming weeks.

Jupiter’s retrograde, mostly in Aquarius, has fed into Saturn’s longer trend in Aquarius, and together these two planetary heavyweights have worked to completely restructure at least one area of ​​your life. (TIP: Note the themes of your Aquarian house for the most personal insight into this combination)

This larger plan may take time to fully manifest, but the changes and adjustments that have been going on at many levels of your life since June will play a huge role in laying the foundation for the future you desire.

Keeping Jupiter evolving can help advance some of the great endeavors you have devoted time and energy to this year. In the days to come, you may find yourself finding a new sense of purpose or remembering the beliefs that originally set you on the path you are on. Something useful may be within reach, and being willing to set your own priorities can help you focus more on a decision that matters to you.

Mercury and Jupiter operate on different planes and each have unique goals and priorities. In general, with both Mercury and Jupiter ending their retrograde retrograde, it will make you feel less like treading on the spot or grappling with loose ends from the past, and rather it is time to move into the future gaze and make plans to move forward.

The week beginning Monday October 18 astrologically brings a breath of fresh air where a stagnant situation can shift and where your ability to both remember your mission and manage the details can be easier to coordinate.

What are you ready to look to the future? Do you have an exciting or meaningful plan that you want to move forward with? Which house in your horoscope activated Jupiter (and Saturn) in Aquarius?

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