Friday 5 November 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

Romans 15: 14-21. The Lord has revealed His saving power to the nations – Psalm 97 (98): 1-4. Luke 16: 1-8.

It is my duty to bring the good news of God to the Gentiles

In our reading from Romans, we hear Paul deviating from the complex theology of his letter to talk about his mission to preach the gospel. It is fascinating that he sees this task as essentially priestly, if only as a participation in the priesthood of Christ. While most of us do not share Paul’s special role in proclaiming the name of Jesus where it has not yet been heard, we are called to proclaim it in our circles and beyond. Today there are many who have heard the name of Jesus and have even been in contact with the Church for a long time, to whom the gospel was never really preached. In our lives we have innumerable opportunities, both large and small, to pass on the good news of Jesus through testimony and preaching, while living the priestly character of our baptism.

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