Love Horoscope for the Week of October 25

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As is so often the case with many Sagittarians, Venus manages to stumble in Sag this week, but then recovers well. Really, this isn’t a bad sounding way to end a love story, is it?

First the stumbling. Square of Venus Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday. Any contact between Venus and Neptune can lead to an advanced case of the romantic “warm and fluffy”. Of all the aspects that these two planets can form, this one is by far the most unrealistic. With new romantic engagements, remember that all that glitters isn’t gold. Except that things that sometimes shine are gold. Or maybe some things that glitter have some gold in them, but you have to melt them down to get there. Basically, be careful about giving your heart away too quickly, and this may not be the week to start a diet or budget on the right foot.

Whenever he reacts to a good or bad idea, Sagittarius has a reputation for jumping into things with boundless optimism. And nothing says “romantic boundless optimism” better than Venus sextile Jupiter, makes it? This aspect is exactly on Thursday. With Venus square Neptune, I tried to warn you to be logical about your romantic entanglements. Along with this aspect of Jupiter, however, I’m tempted to just say something like, “Oh, you’re going to do what you want anyway, just make sure you wear a helmet, you weirdo.” And yes, this also applies to your diet and budget needs.

Finally, just in time for the start of Halloween, Mars enters Scorpio. Mars in Libra is often viewed as a problematic place, but it can be good for a little relationship analysis and peacekeeping. But with Mars in Scorpio when it comes to your sex drive and ambitions and in general? This could be a classic case of “The Heart Wants What It Wants”.

Mars in Scorpio can be powerful to produce results (especially when it comes to sex), but Mars in Scorpio 2021 requires special treatment. Between the end of that week and mid-December when it enters Sagittarius, Mars makes important aspects on every planet from Jupiter to Pluto. Some of these aspects will be much more helpful and productive than others. Mars will be square Saturn to one degree or another by the third week of November if the opposition to Uranus gains the upper hand. For God’s sake, turn it on to a simmer before something boils over!

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