Ghost-hunters claim to capture spirit warning them to ‘get out’ of haunted cave

Tony and Beth Ferguson weren’t expecting company when they hiked into a 300-year-old cave during a trip to Cornwall, but say they were accompanied by some very different secular guests

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No one who has ever watched the horror classic Poltergeist could ever forget the moment when the family had to flee their home from the terrifying ghost that takes over.

But one couple had a moment of shock of their own when they said they were warned by a ghostly apparition while visiting a historic site.

Tony and Beth Ferguson had wandered through a 300 year old cave alone when they claimed a sinister voice had come out of nowhere and told them to “get out”.

It was only when they returned from their visit to the Carnglaze Caverns in Liskeard, Cornwall earlier this month and looked back at what they’d captured on camera that they realized they hadn’t just heard things.

Tony and Beth Ferguson were wandering the walls of Carnglaze Caverns in Liskeard, Cornwall alone when they said they heard ghosts


Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

The couple from New Forest, Hampshire are avid hunters of paranormal activity alongside their job day


Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

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They say that two ghostly ghosts were captured on film rushing past them, and the voice of what sounded like a little girl saying “hello” was also heard in the footage.

One of the apparitions also told them to go, they claim.

Most couples would be petrified to see and hear such things, but luckily the Fergusons are used to ghostly goings-on – the New Forest, Hampshire couple are both avid hunters of paranormal activity in their spare time.

Tony, 42, a personal trainer, said, “I’ve been to countless haunted places in the UK and around the world, but this place surprised me. I felt very uncomfortable.

The couple claim to have captured the ghosts on camera


Mercury Press & Media Ltd.)

“We didn’t even have reports that it was a haunted place, we were just visiting and there was something to be done.

“As we walked around I felt like we were being followed like something was behind us. I usually carry my cameras with me so I just put them around and couldn’t believe what we were recording.

“Out of nowhere, that white mist flew right in front of me and seemed to stop and change shape before disappearing.

“We could hear voices whispering all the time, but the craziest thing was when we heard a voice telling us to ‘go out’.”

The couple accidentally stumbled upon the man-made caves during their trip, which are over 300 years old and mined for shale before being used by the Royal Navy to store rum during World War II.

Since the Fergusons suspected that there might be apparitions, they then put down cameras and catballs, which only light up when touched, in order to capture the two “ghosts” on film.

“I wasn’t expecting to get so much from this visit, we were in Bodmin Moor doing other paranormal research and this was just something else nearby,” Tony added.

In a creepy, abandoned neighborhood that is searched for a dead body by the brutally murdered student brother of “Milk Carton Kid”, who disappeared 25 years ago

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