Horoscopes for the Solar Eclipse in Gemini

This year, Gemini season’s magic carpet ride is especially psychedelic. On June 10th, at 3:53 am PT, the solar eclipse in Gemini occurs. The second and final eclipse in this sign brings a frenzied flurry of information our way.

The first eclipse in Gemini occurred on November 30th, 2020. Whatever was brewing in the part of your chart that contained Gemini then is in some way related to what is unfolding for us now. Since this is the series finale, the lessons may be louder than the last round.

Near the North Node of the Moon, this eclipse is all about increase, excess, hunger, and a desire for ever-more knowledge. Communications become a commodity in high demand and a variety of exchanges litter the menu of the day.

Gemini isn’t known for its discernment as much as it’s known for its sheer delight in a dizzying array of downloads. With a million browsers open, 15 text chains in mid sentence, and a plethora of proverbial pots on the stove, the Twins are always down to play devil’s advocate.

Embodying the angel and the demon, the socialite and the recluse, the heroine and the villain, this sign moves to opposite ends of the spectrum as quickly as most of us inhale and exhale. Playing the scales of each possibility, Gemini has range.

Squared by Neptune (specifically) and Jupiter (by whole sign) in Pisces, this eclipse weakens the boundaries of our psychic space while offering us an opportunity to attune to information that usually lies just beyond our reach.

On the same day as our luminary goes dark, retrograde Mercury, the ruler of this lunation, makes its inferior conjunction to the Sun. Known as a Cazimi, Mercury is propitiously placed in Sol’s heart, and serves as a gilded guide and psychopomp.

Get clear on the questions you want to ask. The oracle is in.

Generally a good time to go dark, in tandem with the luminaries, eclipses reveal what we’ve relegated to the umbras of our personal and collective psyche. For most of us, listening to our intuition is like trying to hear a swallow’s song over a jackhammer.

The world is loud.

Making a strong case for turning the volume of life down, cleansing from the media momentarily, and having an embargo on conversations that keep you in the rut of gossip spirals, toxic exchanges, and wasted breath, this eclipse and cazimi want your attunement. In exchange, they’ll offer the insights of a lifetime.

On June 11th, Mars enters Leo. Here until July 29th, Mars will stage fight its way through the part of your chart that contains this dramatic fire sign. Here, Mars flips a table, and against all odds, in the face of at least one major obstacle, helps us to forge a path forward out of sheer determination.

Because of this hefty and unpredictable work, be wary of over-scheduling yourself come the end of June and beginning of July. No matter what part of your chart and life Mars is poking at while in Leo, we’ll all feel this crunch.

On June 13th, Venus makes a sextile to Uranus, and the Sun squares Neptune. Neither of today’s aspects will get you there on time (if at all).

This is not the kind of astrology that keeps us on schedule, but it is the kind that has us delighting in unusual treats and getting lost in our favorite bookstore. Forgo the fretting about getting it right and dissolve into the ecstasy of all the little loves of your life.

Your affirmation-style horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.

Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

Upon awakening, I gather myself. Before the world can get in the way, I count my blessings, remember who I am, and state my intention for the day ahead.

I’m here to be of use as joyfully as possible.

While making my morning brew, I recite the affirmations that keep me centered. While going about my business, I keep returning to the messages that ground me in my purpose. While taking meetings, I tune into my intuition.

By the time I put myself to bed, I can reflect on the moments I’m grateful for because I was present while they were happening.

With this eclipse, I turn down the world’s volume so that I can make listening a central component to resolving any issue I am up against. I make myself available to the guidance that is always trying to get my attention.

Every problem has a purpose.

Between the question and the answer is an invitation to deepen my understanding of my life and process. Each time I follow my inner guidance instead of forcing an outcome, I learn where to place my focus, trust, and attention.


Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

My assets are always speaking to me, my talents have a lot to say, and my gifts contain within them a library of information. With this eclipse I tune out what the world dictates I should do for a living so that I can tune into the messages that my resources are trying to relay.

There’s a wealth of data here that wants to support me.

Instead of feeling beleaguered by the attitudes the world proliferates about what to value or how to make a buck, I listen to the guidance I can only get from within.

I know that my ability to spin a tale, sell a story to even the most skeptical, and relay information is a gem in my bag of tricks that I can always hold up to the light to learn more about.

My way with words, my ability to track data, or my desire to learn and share information is a goldmine for me to get to know.

When I reflect on what I learned about this talent back in November of 2020 and what I am learning now, I see two chapters of my story that highlight the same thesis: I rewrite any narrative about my worth and what I have to offer if it doesn’t mirror back to me my inherent spiritual and energetic abundance.


Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

There’s no way to interrupt a lie if I don’t listen in. There’s no way to change my narrative if I don’t choose my words carefully. With this eclipse, I pay special attention to the stories that I tell about myself, my life, and my worthiness.

When I can’t be on my own side, I send that signal to my surroundings.

What I repeat gets etched in the halls of my experience. What I talk about gets conjured into existence — my words are spells, so I cast them well.

I reflect on the personal breakthroughs, epiphanies, and changes I went through back in November/December of 2020, and how they relate to what is happening now. These moments are tied together, both of them encouraging me to outgrow the narratives that keep me small, stifled, or crumpled.

What I do now sets a pattern in motion. The messages I send to myself have staying power. When I assert, with even the smallest action, that I am worth tending to, that my time is worth guarding, and my energy worth protecting, it echoes out to the rest of my life.

With this eclipse, I send out an orchestra of affirmation that reverberates, surrounds, and sets me up for self-realization.


Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

With this eclipse I turn towards what’s been neglected within. Isolation is an ailment all its own — I don’t let myself languish there. No matter what I have survived or suffered through, no matter the storms I have weathered, this eclipse reminds me that healing is inevitable when it’s centered.

In order for me to thrive, I have to be willing to revisit all the reasons that I have wilted. In order for me to bloom, I have to witness all the ways I have been cut back. I’ll never know what to give myself if I don’t know what was withheld from me to begin with.

With this eclipse, I tune into what’s been missing.

I listen to the self-defeating tracks I have on repeat and I interview the inner curmudgeons that keep me stuck in a loop of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Only I can interrupt the narratives that keep me backed into a corner. Only I can untangle the wires that were crossed within me, long ago.

Just being made aware of what hurts is enough to connect me to my agency. Just a moment of accepting what is can soothe the source of the ache.

The breakthroughs I make now connect to the ones I made at the end of 2020. Whatever wound I deepened my awareness of or made contact with then, wants to teach me more. Sitting in the front row, attentive and taking notes is how I intend to show up for this eclipse.


Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

There’s no healing without community, and there’s no self-actualization without the relationships that help me get there.

I am where I am, who I am, and as healthy as I am, because of the networks that catch me, collect me, and remind me that the honor of a lifetime is to be there for each other.

With this eclipse, I tend to my friendships. No matter what stage they are in, I prioritize the people that can meet growth edges with as much grace and good boundary setting as possible.

Showing up for the tough transitions and tenderizing moments between us helps me to understand the fabric of our unions and the integrity of the safety net that is our relationship.

I think back to the lessons that I was learning about community and the social networks in my life in November/December of 2020 and see how the lessons that are appearing now connect to the ones that cropped up then.

I know that not all unions are built to last, not all social circles can surround me through the entirety of my life. If our dynamic changes shape, I can honor the metamorphosis without interpreting it as a failure.

With this eclipse I remember to care for others with the long-term health of our communities in mind. With a little space I’m able to attune myself to what I have to give, what I need to keep, and what story lines about my role in the group I need to heal now.

Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

With this eclipse, I look back at what I was prioritizing, celebrating, and understanding about my career and public life back in November/December of 2020.

Because this moment is in some way a continuation of that one, I take note of what’s evolved and what has once again captivated my imagination. My vocation is always evolving, and I’m not afraid of letting go of one version of it to make way for another.

If there’s discomfort in the process, I look for meaning in it. If there’s a growth edge I am up against, I give myself ample opportunity to rest, recharge, and meet it while I’m well-resourced.

No matter what makes it onto the stage of my professional life, I put in the effort. I aim for quality, always. I know that if I care about what I work on, the content will be that much richer, fuller, and resonant with the people that end up receiving it.

Praise is always welcome, but my main aim is staying true to the spirit that ensouls my work.

With this eclipse I challenge the myths that I’ve made up about my contributions to my industry. My calling isn’t up for dispute. My craft isn’t the sole thing that defines me, but giving myself permission to pursue it whole-heartedly, clarifies my purpose and helps me live it out.


Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

With this eclipse, I take note of the routes that are opening up to me now. I know that having trusted confidants and advisors is always helpful, but finding a meaningful way forward is dependent on how deeply I can listen to my inner GPS.

No one knows the landscape of my life like I do.

I reflect on the direction I was headed in, the subjects I was studying, and the grand plans that I was hatching back in November/December of 2020. The trips, true norths, and educational adventures that I am moving towards now tie into what I was learning, realizing, and intuiting then.

If a route doesn’t align me with a deeper connection to my life and the people that make it worth living, I’m happy to miss the boat and wait for the next one to come along.

When I’m oriented towards living life to its fullest, in accordance with all I hold to be true, I know exactly where to go and what next steps to take. I don’t make a move unless that wisdom is front and center.


Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

I interrupt the narrative that tells me I’ll never find a good fit, the right collaboration, exchange, or container for my talents. I know I can heal my way out of an unfair storyline. I know that I can rewrite the myths that never took my agency into consideration.

The point of this life is to share what I have with others, to offer the best of what I’ve got to give with the world, and to find the opportunities that help me do so with greater ease.

I’m not in this life alone and I’m meant to create in concert with others. My assets become more when I share them, blend them, and add them to the right mix.

The exchanges of my life are especially important at the moment, and when I look back to what was occurring within them in November/December of 2020, I see a throughline of meaning.

What I was calculating, adding up, and learning to subtract back then is circling around for another installment. This time, I get to meet the moment, the contract, or the negotiation with more insight, and I focus on what feels right.


Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

In order to love out loud, I have to be willing to investigate which of my needs were marginalized early in life.

If I was taught to ignore my feelings, to go without what is essential, if I was rejected, denied, or betrayed by those meant to care for me early in life, it’s my job now to remedy those wounds.

I no longer partner with what’s toxic to my system. I know that in all my mess and magic, I deserve affection, devotion, and protection.

With this eclipse, I take a look at the quality of my connections, the people that I am committed to, and the through-line between what I am learning now and what I was sorting through in November/December of 2020.

Who I partner with either reinforces old narratives about my lack of lovability or helps me tell a truer tale. It may sound extreme, but there is barely ever a middle ground. I don’t make an oath to another unless there is the potential to expand as I heal and heal as I expand.

I build with those that are meant for me. I quickly become disinterested in all who are not.


Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

I let the love in. I know I could shut out my need for connection, go my entire lifetime pushing away my yearning for reciprocity, put aside my tenderness, or pretend that being witnessed for what I bring to my unions isn’t as important as it is.

But I am here to heal.

I know that it’s easy to think that progress is what matters, that goals are what gets me out of bed, or that achieving is about grasping for a gold medal — but meaningful relationships are what really make me feel like I’ve won.

With this eclipse I interrupt the narratives that don’t connect my well-being to this wisdom. Every area of my life is impacted by how much I feel I matter to others, and how much I let them matter to me.

I cannot heal alone.

I initiate the wellness routines that keep me close to this wisdom. I remember that talking with friends that know how to offer me a reflection helps me heal.

I work on projects that center the importance of being in relationship with one another. I know that being on a team that stimulates my mind and appreciates my talents also boosts my energetic immunity

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

The stories I tell about my creative projects, capacities, and talents, get embedded in them. When I doubt their potential, it seeps in. When I cut them down to size, their budding is belittled. When I care more about being palatable than being true, my message gets muddled.

If I criticize my work before it has the chance to show me what it is, I miss out on the best part of the process: to be in awe of how the muses want to use me.

With this eclipse, I interrupt the narratives that tell me I can’t, won’t, or don’t know how to realize my potential. Self-expression can take a million forms. The most important thing to me is experimenting with the modality that moves me.

Even if I choose to become an expert at it, I am not confined to one specific craft. My whole life is my canvas and I can always change color palettes.

When I think back to what was coming to consciousness in my creative life in November/December of 2020, I can see the connection to this moment. It’s a new beginning, but not one born in a silo. I connect the dots and use them as a map to reflect on how much I’ve grown and where to go next.


Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

The stories that my parents and caregivers told, that my teachers wrote in my report card, and that my family at large circulated about me, have shaped myself and my world. If these legends are untrue, unjust, or in any way limiting my growth, it’s my duty to rearrange them.

I am not destined to live inside a lie.

With this eclipse, I make more space for my humanity in the manuscript of my life. I take a special interest in the home I create, who I want to be part of my root system, and what I believe to be possible in this area of my life.

Being able to listen to my needs and supply myself with my baseline (at least), makes my flourishing a given. I construct a home out of the notion that I deserve to be safe, loved, and nourished.

Whatever I was coming to conscious awareness of concerning my origins, my past, and my history back in November/December of 2020, and whatever I was sorting through regarding my homebase, foundational needs, and my ability to meet them, is expounded upon now.

Eclipse season is a pattern setting moment. What I do with it resounds throughout the following days, weeks, and months. Every brick I lay and every foundational floor-board I put in place becomes a bedrock for my well-being for a long time to come.

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