Horoscopes for the Week of August 23rd

If the last month brought a few trials by fire, the Sun’s arrival into Virgo on August 22nd invites you to tread barefoot on dew-beaded grass; to find anchorage among earthly splendors, even as the flora and climate ebb into the next season; to gather the windfalls, cleanse your ritual spaces, and re-arrange your bookshelf as devotional acts.

The sign Virgo traditionally corresponds to the body’s intestines. While not every Virgo is a clean freak, there’s a theme here of sorting, of separating the waste from the nutrients, and establishing order from slippery knots.

From this space, Venus’ trine to Saturn on August 23rd invites you to sanctify your oaths and commitments. With the Sun shining in the sign of the Virgin (an archetype that traditionally meant “complete in one’s self”), this might be a moment to re-commit to yourself or your passion projects: to honor your own radiant wholeness.

The glyph for Libra is a weighing scale, and your dedication to caring for yourself and others requires constant effort to balance. Consider the dancer who holds an arabesque centerstage: their stability demands focus and muscle, yet you can’t be rigid. You must reach a balance between strength and suppleness. Your commitments require this equilibrium: the give and take, the constant appraisal, exchange and adjustment.

It’s okay if you sometimes fall.

On August 24th, Mercury, who rules Virgo, steps into the deluge from Neptune. You’ve been here recently, when Venus opposed Neptune on August 9th, and you’ll be here again before long. Communications could feel boggy, but you have all the time in the world to parse them. For now, relax into the current. See where it takes you.

Your horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website.

Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you. The following horoscopes were written by Eliza Robertson.

Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

If the last month has felt chaotic, the Virgo Sun nudges you to heavy your heels. Perhaps this means ordering the pearlescent gel pens or composition books that make going back to work or school feel somehow more festive. But it could also indicate a return to practices that anchor you in the physical world, such as by nursing your potted plants or trying out a new recipe.

This is a time to self-regulate through random acts of ironing. To build a work or study plan, whether you stick to it or not, which alleviates your stress just to have. To use your broom for magic and sweeping. To recognize that taking care of your abode, and your body, is a form of ritual cleansing.

On Monday, you’re invited to name and honor your vows. This may be a vow to yourself: to remain whole and authentic within your most engrossing partnerships. It may be a vow to another person — a beloved, best friend, or collaborator. Or it may be a vow to your wider container: the covens, communities and collectives that hold you.

Note that communications could get woozy around August 24th. The plans you’ve already choreographed, the practices you know by muscle-memory, the code words and psychic moments you share with your dear ones all provide flotation devices for when the going gets topsy-turvy.

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Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

While the early arrivals are toweling off and climbing back into their work clothes, your pool party is just getting started. The last month may have seeded upheavals or barbed egos in the home area of your life. With the Sun now in Virgo, it’s time to get physical, physical.

Precision is play for you. When you create, your attention hitches onto the details others tend to miss: the thread counts, pixels, beats per minute. Virgo season could be an exquisitely creative time, but it’s also a reminder to center your body and its pleasures.

Right now, there’s also less separation between work and fun than you thought. With Venus charming the part of your chart that relates to your usual toiling, you find ways to get artful, or playful, with your tasks. Not only that, your daily efforts nourish your long-term career goals. They often do, but this week your labor bears its fruit more obviously.

A social lubricant arrives around August 24th. It may be a weeknight, but this spin cycle could have you reaching for other realms and altered states. If you’re searching for inspiration, the muses will be whispering in your ear. So will the mythic sirens. It may take a minute to identify which is which.

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Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

If the last several weeks have been marked by an uptick in subtweets, the Sun’s entrance into Virgo brings a full-body sigh of relief. There’s a sense that if you can conquer smaller, fixable problems — like resolving the rattle in the toilet tank or patching the roof leak — you can conquer more nebulous “life problems” too.

There’s something to be said for discharging cortisol through seasonal scrubbing and discovering the actual color of the kitchen sink. Not least because after you’ve completed the physical catharsis, you’re left with a serenely clean sanctum.

From this breezy blank slate, you consecrate your homespace for all manner of art and play. Whether you’re toiling away on a creative project, such as a book manuscript or album, or whether your art looks more like singing in the shower or starting your day with a morning dance session, now is the time to devote yourself to the practices that help you make pleasure and beauty manifest.

While you busy yourself with acts of cleaning and creation, the Virgo Sun also spills light on any family dynamics that could use a visit to the airing cupboard. Go into these chats armed with concrete evidence or talking points, because things could get disorienting on Tuesday. To find your way home again, you may have to sprinkle a breadcrumb trail of facts and receipts.

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Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Now that your piggy banks have been thoroughly clanged around, the Sun warms onto the attentively raked earth of Virgo season. Virgo corresponds to your place of daily rounds and communication. These are the streets imprinted into your muscle-memory, where you know the names of all the pooches, if not their resident humans.

Your relationship with language is naturally discerning. With the Sun in this corner of your chart, it’s time to come home to that: to choose your words prudently. To proofread your texts and pause before you blurt, especially if you’re the keeper of someone else’s mysteries.

With Jupiter and Saturn both long-haul journeying through your place of other people’s mysteries, you may well be a keeper. Monday brings a call to identify the bonds you feel great about nurturing. There’s an opportunity here to find belonging in your collaborations with other people, to make your closest partnerships feel like home.

Still, conversations could get confusing around August 24th. While self-censorship has a dark side, mindfulness doesn’t hurt. Information could appear from disembodied sources, like dreams or tarot. Listen to it. As a thank you for this wisdom, make daily offerings of your poems and spells.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

With your heart thoroughly brandished for the past month, the Sun’s stage exit into Virgo reminds you of the material world and its preoccupations, like utility bills. If new information emerges, it will be easier to swallow than the jagged pills you washed down over Leo season. That said, the Goddess is in the details, and it will behoove you to get tangible about your saving habits.

The details will be dizzying, and possibly diluted, at the beginning of the week, so start laying the groundwork while your footing feels solid. Squirrel away receipts; balance the books; dispel ambiguity with lists or spreadsheets.

Financial awareness can be daunting territory for many of us. Don’t do yourself a disservice by assuming you don’t deserve, or aren’t capable of holding, this knowledge.

Meanwhile, Monday invites you to find beauty in the structure of language and words. Whatever writing projects you’ve got cooking, whatever books or podcasts kindle a spark in your gaze, consider that these works possess their own architecture.

So do your relationships with other people. This is a rare and delicious moment to identify the projects, people and partnerships you pledge yourself to. What are the containers you long to co-pilot or co-design?

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

After a month mood-lighting the greenroom of your chart, the Sun lights its candle in Virgo. Why yes, this means you can expect more exposure over the coming weeks, and no you can’t shirk the attention just yet. While you may generally feel content to toil away offscreen, your efforts deserve recognition, and laurel-crowned Sol arrives to bestow just that.

The week begins with you feeling well-resourced and supported. Whatever work rituals you’ve committed to since the end of last year, they’re starting to yield fruit. Your relationship with material security softens as a result.

This is a time to crystallize your work or financial goals onto spreadsheets, chat to financial planners, and vision-board what you want to devote yourself to over the next few years. Name to yourself the inner and outer resources that will travel you there — the tools you possess now, as well as pockets for future growth.

Around August 24th, the path between you and primary others squelches into a mudslide. While your natural powers of discernment provide a supportive branch to grip onto, don’t expect the dynamics to feel tidy or clear at this time. You’ll have to do a certain amount of groping through the dark, using trust and instinct.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

The Virgo Sun has a way of shining a scary flashlight face over all the words you’d rather unsay, all the subtext you could read into a friend’s emoji-less response, all the body parts your inner ghost-story-teller wants to erase or hide or improve upon.

Yes, working on yourself involves self-awareness and reconstruction. It also involves a bathtub of compassion for you and your poltergeists.

A bathtub of sorts may indeed make an appearance at the beginning of the week, when Mercury opposes Neptune. Neptune has been treading water in the part of your chart that relates to work and health rituals, and it’s possible a literal soak or swim is in order to limber up your muscles or lend peace of mind.

That said, if your route to work is blocked with a flash flood, it might be a sign from the universe to call it a day. Part of self-knowledge is knowing when you need a nap, or a temporary timeout.

Meanwhile, Venus in Libra has you catching your own eyes in shop windows, or other people’s sunglasses, and you love what you see. Now, and for two more weeks, Venus reminds you of your beauty, your poetry, your singular music.

There’s an opportunity here to renew your vows to yourself, as well as your works-in-progress. They might be fragments of lyrics, or half-finished novels, or uncut documentary footage, or choreographies. Whatever you’re creating right now, throw yourself at it. This is a moment to concretize your ideas and ideals: to give birth to them.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

After a month cracking puzzles, receiving accolades, and snapping bathroom selfies at the office, your attention pivots toward friendships and community.

While you’re someone who normally leads with a bottomless heart (even if it’s initially shielded under a layer of protective chainmail), your community engagement is one area of life where you actually enjoy digging into pragmatic, earthly details.

Maybe you’re involved in activism work that helps unstitch oppressive systems, or maybe your mindfulness in this area means you never miss a friend’s birthday, or the opportunity to collectively analyze a lover’s text.

At the beginning of the week, however, those details feel like spawning salmon you’re trying to grasp with bare hands. There’s an art to finding comfort in uncertainty — to relaxing into the knowledge that you can’t control every outcome, and that life would be far less riveting if you could.

Meanwhile, home provides a more restful backdrop than it has of late. Heed the urge to buy blackout curtains or a silk eye mask to protect your sleep. Your self-talk is bound to be gentler now too, but you still need to set up your schedule, and your space, to maximize your hours of repose.

From this well-rested place, you’re better able to appreciate your relationships with chosen and inherited family, which are more equipped than ever to provide a tender nest.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

As the Sun warms over the top floor corner office of your chart, it’s time to bust out your spells to gain more business or visibility. Your wares receive double exposure during Virgo season, so now’s the moment to get tactical about what you want to put out there.

Your career is one area where you crave concrete results. There’s a risk of perfectionism here: of raising the bar with each goal you conquer before you have a chance to honor your triumphs. The only defect in this strategy is that it’s a certain course to staying hungry.

At the beginning of the week, Neptune takes a firehose to your well-laid plan. It doesn’t mean everything will go wrong, but the waterlogged fineprint gets blurry to read. Yes, this is the moment you get to bare your heart in an improvised speech. Your instincts have travelled you this far. What are they saying now?

Occasional brain-soup or bathroom cry sesh notwithstanding, this week is a stunning one for trumpeting your message to the masses. Whatever writing, speaking, or learning projects you’ve committed to since the end of last year — they’re flowering now.

Whether you’re sharing early drafts of a manuscript with a trusted first reader, or readying to launch a blog or podcast, this is a time to recognize the intricate structures of the projects you’ve been incubating.

Architecture is an art and a science because it interlaces the values of style and function. Right now, you’re poised to recognize the beauty embedded in utility, and vice versa. It’s time to cut the proverbial ribbon and to show off a little, even if there’s more work to be done.

Virgo Season is here to help us apply life-hack wisdom to every detail and dilemma. Listen to your reading for the week ahead on the CHANI app

Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

When someone preaches you a theory, you dismantle it to examine the hidden parts. While this impulse to dissect a philosophy or spiritual belief may appear cynical to some, it betrays a desire to know: to understand, in concrete terms, an idea’s internal logic.

Your ability to craft hypotheses, and dismember them, feels especially generative right now, and over the next couple weeks. In this space, thought-babies are born. Some philosophy or spiritual belief you’ve been chewing on will send a root shoot into your creative life, inspiring a work of art, a new pastime, or an intellectually fizzy conversation with friends.

The messaging gets phantasmic at the beginning of the week. If you’ve hammered your intellectual tent pegs into certain values or philosophical principles, you may wake up to find the tide licking at your zipper door. A certain amount of confusion or disorientation could follow, but this loosening will open you up to fresh ways of perceiving the world.

Alongside this fruitful uprooting (or, we might say, re-rooting — like how you can propagate plants in jars of water), your career advances to the next level. Not only are your bosses or peers in the field pampering you with praise right now, but you’re inspired to approach your work from the perspective of a craftsperson.

How artul can you get with your tasks or decision making? What are the bounds of your creative license? Does your commitment to productivity ever block generativity? How are you learning to balance work and unequivocal play?

Virgo Season is here to help us apply life-hack wisdom to every detail and dilemma. Listen to your reading for the week ahead on the CHANI app

Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

After a month infusing Vitamin D into your romantic and platonic partnerships, the Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd, beaming its pocket penlight on your shared accounts and balance sheets.

This is a corner of your chart not known for its bright lighting, and while a certain coating of dust or cobwebs may get revealed, the resulting lucidity will help you navigate the tricky passage between yours and theirs.

Such labels may soon feel outdated, especially if you’re negotiating with folks you consider family. The Sun is the last to arrive at the Virgo party this season, which means you’ve likely been redefining contracts with others for the past few weeks.

For the most part, this work has been constructive, but the Sun gives you one last chance to shine a miner’s lamp on dynamics that don’t feel equitable, and to imagine a totally novel, even radical solution.

With Saturn in Aquarius until 2023, you’re enrolled in a 2.5 year-long maturation process. Like a round of bread that must be proofed to achieve its final rise, you’re in a period of stabilized growth, of meeting your vulnerable spots and breathing into them so you can reach your fullest height.

On Monday, a little divine intervention takes the form of a teacher, tradition or travel opportunity. Yes, you’re meeting some growth edges right now, but there’s always room for enchantment.

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Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

On August 22nd, the Sun rolls into Virgo, plugging in the fairy lights that adorn your committed relationships. It’s likely your attention has already shifted to this part of your life over the past few weeks, focusing on the folks who sit across the table from you: your best friends and paramours and business co-conspirators.

The Sun funnels vitality into this area, and at the same time, it aims the search light toward any dynamics that feel like a construction site. The comment someone made, which hasn’t yet scabbed over, the pattern that keeps rearing itself: it crunches back into the conversation this week.

These talks have the potential to be ground-breaking and sturdying at the same time.

Note that things could feel murky at the beginning of the week. Your fantasies may start to leak, and it will be tempting to project an idealistic filter over a person or situation. Your adaptability will be an asset around this time, but you’ll need to get mindful about how to build sea walls around your rose-tinted imagination.

Part of this work involves cultivating balance between caring for other people and meeting your own needs, especially the ones you’re too embarrassed to admit.

Virgo Season is here to help us apply life-hack wisdom to every detail and dilemma. Listen to your reading for the week ahead on the CHANI app

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