Horoscopes for the Week of June 14th

There is no way to have a breakthrough, at least not one that makes a lasting impression, if we are not also working on our relationship with the Self.  

The Self (our Spirit, our Soul, the Universal Energy that moves through us — whatever you call it), is the only thing that can sturdy us through the upheavals that awakenings always bring. 

Living from our center is the only way we can position ourselves to absorb the lessons that are trying to crack through the surface of our lives. If and when we are focused on how things appear externally, if and when we spend precious life energy trying to rearrange the furniture of our existence to validate our worth, we will only ever feel the pain of loss. 

But there is a gift in releasing what gets in our way. 

This week, on June 14th, on the heels of eclipse season, we have the second of three squares between Saturn, the planet of form, structure, and tradition, and Uranus, planet of upheavals, breakthroughs and freedom. 

One conforms and one rebels. One restricts and one breaks loose. One brings maturity and one liberates. In this configuration, Saturn has the upper hand, but it doesn’t win in an explicit sense. Here, both need to give their all and get radically changed in the process.

The first time these two came into this alignment was at the beginning of 2021 — February 17th to be exact. This was on the heels of the Myanmar protests, the GameStop debacle, and the energy crisis in Texas, to name a few events that symbolize the upheaval in resources (Uranus in Taurus) or fragmentation of the structures that govern us (Saturn in Aquarius). 

However, when we look back at the first time Saturn spent time in Aquarius, March-July of 2020, we also see a span of time that gave birth to the largest Black Lives Matter uprising the world has ever seen. 

Recently, and impacted by those protests, the Free Palestine movement has gained traction in a way that’s not been seen, especially not globally, in the past 73 years. 

These events, all cracks in consciousness, all upsets to business as usual, raise questions about the sanctity of life, whose lives we or do not value, and how we are challenged to learn a new way of living on this planet with each other.  

Currently, as protesters continue to try and save the last temperate rainforest on Vancouver Island, we see the equation from the other side: what is old and needs protecting? Why are we so committed to the annihilation of resources that make life possible? What will wake us up from this dedication to destruction?

The right use of Saturn’s boundary can force us into the innovation that Uranus wants to bring. Living within the earth’s limits demands we connect to its creative intelligence. There’s no genius in greed. Upholding the human rights of every citizen on this earth demands that we confront our systems of supremacy — internally and externally.   

The shifts that are needed now are as personal as they are collective and political. When we live our life sourcing our power, joy, and wealth from within, from our connection to each other and the earth, our priorities are profoundly changed. 

We owe ourselves that kind of revolution. 

Your horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates more for you from week to week. Take what works for you, and leave the rest. If you want to share this work, please credit the source by quoting it and providing a link to this post and website. Thank you for your support and for spreading the work around. We really appreciate it and you.


Aries glyph

Aries & Aries Rising

The revolution you need now begins and ends with what and who you invest in. If you can actively place all your extra pennies into the piggy banks of your hopes and dreams, you’ll find a fulfillment that satisfies the soul. 

If you squander your resources on what’s pleasing in passing but not liberating in terms of your life-long journeys, you may feel an emptiness that’s existential. Right now, you’re meant to use what you’ve got to get where you’re wanting to go. 

You aren’t supposed to be there yet. 

You are in the process of building towards your future hopes and dreams. You are in the midst of the climb to get to the peak. If you focus on the goal, you can get there, but if you focus on how far away you are right now, you’ll only get derailed. 

Stay on track. 

Enjoying the view can help interrupt any games of comparison bingo your ego may be tempted to play. Stating what you are grateful for can help you construct a community out of those that do the same. 

Being in conversations that constantly point out what’s missing, wrong, or not right isn’t going to bring about the revolution you need now and won’t land you in the communities of care you deserve to be a part of. 

Engage with the issues of your life as a means of getting to the solution, not hanging out in the problem.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Taurus glyph

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Your revolution might have started from the outside and ended up rearranging everything from within. Or, your revolution might have burst forth from the belly of your being, unequivocally reconstructing your entire life in the process. 

Either way, it’s in your best interest to enjoy the show. 

As your truth, your calling, and your authenticity barrel forth with little care for convention, you discover how to build a monument in the world. 

How can you make space for both the conservation of your best works and the rebellion this moment requires?

The only choice this installment of the Saturn/Uranus square offers you is to protect and dismantle. Protect what is sacred, protect your energy, protect the space you carve for yourself in the world. Dismantle whatever disrespects, demeans, or denounces it. 

As you do so, you do so not only for yourself, but for all who look to you, now and in the future, for the permission to do the same. 

Free you, and you free all of us too.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Gemini glyph

Gemini & Gemini Rising

After the buzzing insights of last week’s solar eclipse in Gemini, the residual clarity needs to be captured. Write down what you received, what’s still resounding, and all the ways your awareness has shifted. Since that was the last eclipse we’ll have in Gemini for many years to come, know that as the lessons wrap up, you are meant to live out their meaning. 

Class is still very much in session. 

This week, as Saturn makes its second square to Uranus, it focuses on the ways you’ve been able to dedicate yourself to a course of learning, a spiritual path, or some formal self-discovery. 

Self inquiry is the privilege of a lifetime. If you have the luxury of spending time getting to know who you are, you’ll not feel satiated or content until you truly dedicate yourself to this work. 

Your beliefs about life need to be challenged now. If you aren’t actively seeking out teachers, wisdom traditions, and practices to help jostle your consciousness into a more honest assessment of life, you’ll end up attracting them in the most unlikely of forms.  

Be careful not to pass up this opportunity to commit to your self-discovery and actualization. The result of letting this moment go by without getting curious about what it means for you isn’t just a shame, it’s a waste of a rare invitation to awaken.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Cancer glyph

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Who you spend time with either helps you break the mold or convinces you to stay put within it. Right now, you crave the kinds of friendships that inspire you to shatter records and forgo the usual pathways to success. 

You may be driven to care for others, but in order to care for yourself you need to find the circles that support your quantum leaps. In doing so, you gain a better understanding of just how insidious the status quo can be and just how potent it is to shake yourself awake from its value system.

As Saturn squares Uranus for the second of three times, it helps you to both honor the discipline it takes to build something sturdy and long-lasting in your collaborations, and how necessary it is to stay true to your mission, vision, and values in the process. 

If you are unable to bring your honest insights to the group projects you are part of, you’ll only be bringing a fraction of what you have to offer. If you hide yourself, not only will you be cheated out of the experience to appreciate your gifts, you’ll never know the full potency they pack. 

Get to know just how bright the light of your talent wants to shine.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

You are the revolution you need now. Tear up the memos that ask you to tone it down. The only thing to be conservative about at this moment is your need to prove to the world that you are worthy of its praise. 

Cut that out.  

As Saturn and Uranus line up for the second of three squares, what gets tested is your commitment to living your truth on the stages of your professional life, public roles, and in your committed partnerships. 

There are no substitutes for the relationships that are right for you, no faking what it means to be with someone that potentiates you, and there is no second best when it comes to your life’s calling. 

This is a moment that teaches you how to be uncompromising in the pursuit of both. 

Dare to put yourself only in the unions that can honor and celebrate your unique ways, and give yourself fully to developing your talents and offering them up to the world. Unwaveringly, resoundingly, say yes to your calling and those that support you realizing it.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

When you are so committed to your truth, there are no other options or opinions to consider, you are in the zone. 

Being in the zone requires that you stay oriented towards your own internal compass, following your inner GPS even when it asks you to go off-roading. 

Comfort and ease can’t be the main aim if you want to experience all that life has in store for you. Sure, a glorious flow may await once you get in the stream of your own being — but surviving the choppy waters of experience is a crucial part of getting there. 

Looking back to the beginning of the year, how have you learned to be so clear in your pursuit of the truth that you are now more unwavering in your commitment to yourself? 

As Saturn and Uranus make the second of three squares to each other, you get to reflect on how you’ve learned to systematize, clarify, and thoroughly clear out your work rituals, routines, and processes. 

True freedom comes through your ability to make the right commitments for yourself. There’s no glory in living out someone else’s dream for you. There’s no freedom in making other people happy at the cost of your own well-being. 

The work of our lives can’t be at the expense of what our soul yearns for — these pieces of ourselves have to be in tandem.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

Your creativity is a precious gift. How you make a life out of what you’ve been given will be your greatest masterpiece. How you carve yourself out of the raw material of your past is your triumph to claim. How you come to infuse your story with joy, meaning, and love is the proof of your power.

Never doubt it. 

As Saturn in Aquarius so clearly states for you — time is your tool. There is no shaping your life if you don’t value and strategically spend the hours, minutes, and moments it takes to do so. 

The greatest freedom we’ll ever experience is being committed to our potential, day in and day out. As Saturn squares Uranus for the second of three times, it brings you a deeper awareness of how liberating it can be to make such a vow. 

This moment also makes you more aware of just how ill-fitting some collaborative agreements are and how to adjust them to be more comfortable, profitable, and abundant for all. Try not to forgo being honest about this; saving someone’s feelings could end up costing you a great deal.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

You aren’t meant to relive the mistakes of those who brought you here. You are meant to heal from them, outgrow them, and discover what’s possible when they are faced. 

You are meant to take all that was given to you, sift through it, sort it out, and make use of what is useful.

Compost what isn’t. 

With gratitude and acceptance, you can turn your ancestry into the thing it was meant to be — an offering to all that will come after you. 

As Saturn asks you to sink your anchor down, it does so in ways that are unique to you. Building a relationship to your family, to your roots, to your home needs to be done with integrity. 

Right now, you’re looking to build a foundation for yourself that is long-lasting, and that can’t be done without total honesty.

As Saturn squares Uranus for the second of three times, you gain a deeper understanding of what safety means for you, and who in your life knows how to be both radically transparent and committed to the process of partnering with you. 

You can’t build a life of beauty with just anyone, and it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying if we could.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

You are here to grow. In order to do so, you must be willing, if not outright excited, to change, evolve, and get to know yourself through every circumstance. 

Life is a continual practice of letting go. As you release past versions of yourself, old stories about your life and your capabilities, as well as the need to please everyone around you, you relax into who and what you are. 

Beyond your doubt, you are a well-spring of energy. Beyond the clouds of shame, you are a soul burning bright with possibility. Beyond the business of the day, you are worthy of existing no matter what you are producing. 

As Saturn and Uranus clash for the second of three times, your desire to structure your day to carve the most freedom for yourself is at an unparalleled high. What gets in your way is clearer than it was in February, and the antidotes to chaos are also much nearer, if not already here. 

Your job with this astrological midpoint is to reinforce the need to say no to what scrambles your energy and yes to what leaves you feeling spacious. 

Sometimes growing means getting loud about our needs. If your message is clear, kind, and in support of what’s necessary now, don’t be afraid to turn up your volume. The people in the back need to be picking up what you’re putting down.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

Your ruling planet, Saturn, has been teaching you tough lessons about your resources and how to reclaim them. If you want to experience wealth, as you define it for yourself, you can’t remain innocent to the ways in which the world can and will take what it wants and give little in return. 

Over the past year, Saturn in Aquarius has been teaching you to identify, honor, and cultivate the talents that can and want to support you. You have been given a cornucopia of personal riches to discover and beckon forth, but they don’t have much chance in the world if you don’t know how to protect them. 

As Uranus comes around to square Saturn for the second of three times, you’re more in touch with the breakthroughs required of you. 

As this astrology shakes loose what’s obstructed being in an honest and mature relationship with your material world, it brings some startling realizations and exciting revelations about your creative potency and how to put it into play. 

There’s no room to grow in a lie, however. If you can’t be honest about your relationship to your resources, it blocks your relationship to your natural talent. Get right with one, and the other will be ever more eager to work in your favor.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.

Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Saying no is a spiritual act. It is not only an offering to the parts of you that have been trampled on, ignored, and overlooked in the past, but it is also an affirmation of the person that you are in this moment, and an energetic deposit towards who you are growing yourself into. 

Invest in yourself always. 

The boundaries the ringed one affords can be cleansing if you reject what isn’t right for you, and clarifying if you witness your obstacles for what they are. Nothing gets in our own way more than our desire to deny the truth. 

Right now, as Saturn gets jostled about by Uranus’ earthquakes and updates, your nos lead to major breakthroughs. This is a time to be unflinching in the face of the facts, especially as they pertain to your history, lineage, early life experience, and the impact of living through it.

Give yourself the gift of being on your own side — claiming your life for yourself is the ‘yes’ of a lifetime.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.


Pisces glyph

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Saturn is offering you insight about why you think that overextension is your only option. It may not be your job, let alone your specialty, to be myopic, but it’s not your fate to feel beholden to the wants, needs, and asks of everyone else either.  

Just because you have it, doesn’t mean others have the right to demand it. 

As you learn to locate the reasons why you over-exert or spread yourself thin, chances are you will come across false beliefs that you have to drain yourself in order to be loved by others — that you have to say yes in order to be included.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

As Saturn makes its second of three squares to Uranus, you bump against the breakthroughs you need now. The planet of upheavals and table flipping is currently in your 3rd house of communication, egging you on, begging you to be as honest and unapologetic about your needs as possible. 

In the process you might even come to understand what about your calendar is critical to your well-being, and what within it is detrimental. In order to not burn out, you’ve got to know what keeps you well-lit.

Eclipse Season is now over. Ground yourself with meditations in the CHANI app.

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