Is Your Sacred Power Being Given Away To Everyone By You?

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Holy power or holiness can be difficult to translate into a non-religious spiritual term for your personal practice if you have a religious background. But in order to connect with your whole being, your spiritual self and the deeper connections that can be made with nature, people and your life in general, holiness is essential.

Meaning and holiness are closely related, and many people today experience a lack of meaning in their lives. Your main goal is to get back in touch with your mind. It does this by keeping your purpose and all life sacred.

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Do you pass your holy power on to everyone?

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Let’s take a closer look at holiness for that sense of empowerment. When using the terms “god,” “sacred,” or “divine,” keep in mind that their definitions go well beyond religious perspectives.

The definition of sacred is so sacred that it defies human description. It is something you feel, not something that words can describe.

Holiness is a sensation that can be associated with both a deep and focused spiritual experience and when you take the time to connect with your heart, with the spirit of something. A measure of holiness that many people can identify with is when they really take the time and space to connect with nature, when they feel the “amazement” of a mountain view or the ocean.

The absolute divine is holy. Hold something close to your heart. It means treating God / Oneness / Universe / Source / Divine with the utmost reverence, as if your life depended on it.

Holiness is the number one priority in life and is ultimately valued as an insight that humiliates your human gratitude in the face of the actual connection. This is confirmed as you become more connected to your divine. As you meditate and take time for yourself, you will find that this talent grows stronger.

Contemplating and practicing your Sacred Divine Connection will raise your understanding to the point where you will be remembered beyond this life and the many times you have just left this life behind you to come back to return before the Divine Light.

At this very moment, this Presence is the ultimate Divine Sacred

Life is given in its many manifestations. Love life to the point where you reconnect with your divinity and use holiness as a tool for spiritual growth. Respected as (w) holy, holy and inspired by God

Eternal, almighty and divine.

Holy powerYour divine spiritual body

There are three types of bodies: physical, emotional, and spiritual. The individuals who are in the world now are here to access their spiritual body … their divine through access to the higher four seals.

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When used in conjunction with the word self, the divine refers to the spiritual body (the divine self). We all have it and we all have access to it. It is the invisible (for us here in this dimension). It has to do with realizing that we are one with everything – IS, God, the universe, absolute love and so on. Remember that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not humans having a human experience.

You can access more of the 90 percent of the skull through the divine. To do this, however, one must gain access to the four uppermost seals of the body. You need to realize that you are an extraordinary spiritual machine with the ability to attain your divinity on this planet.

Depending on which seal or seal you come from, you can be the Son of Man … or the Son of God. It’s just divine. Few people on our planet know what is going on as the illusion has gripped 99 percent of the population.

You have enormous creative potential

You have to believe in this inner power first before you can accept it. Then you have to take responsibility for developing and securing it. Your inner strength increases when you affirm it. Instead of making an effort to get what you want, pull it towards you.

If you act from your inner strength, you can live a life without difficulties. Life becomes less difficult. Every victory gives you extra strength in the next situation. You change your mindset. You develop the ability to make changes in yourself and in the world. Maintain your inner balance and let your life flow naturally.

Inspirational self-acceptance and guided self-love meditation

If you do too much activity, you use up your inner strength. You are in an unbalanced situation. You realize the need to dig into the deeper reasons why you should take responsibility for your life. You realize that the external environment reflects the internal patterns of your mind. And only you are in control of your thoughts.

You focus too much on action when you are feeling pressed for time. Your energy is out of whack. The idea is to focus on the discipline of establishing inner balance first. Pay attention to your heart’s desires. They come from your true self.

Make clear, focused intentions throughout the day. Choose thoughts that make you feel good or make you feel better. You can reach the source of the energy that creates the world by maintaining your inner balance. This energy is channeled into your creative endeavors. Your inspired actions appear effortless and enjoyable.

holinessDevelop a spiritual perspective on your life

Your life becomes sacred when you embrace yourself as a divine being. They behave in a way that supports this point of view. You develop inner strength by acting with a clear, focused goal. This divine power is activated by you. You make sensible decisions.

Each day is influenced by a sacred attitude towards your existence. You value yourself as much as all of creation. For times of meditation and introspection, choose a quiet place. They pay attention to everything you do and bless it as if it were a sacred act. Even the most mundane parts of your existence take on a new meaning. You align with your Divine Self by living in a sacred way. You take on the role of the happy designer in your life.

Get in touch with the creative source that resides within you

You came to this planet to express yourself. Aside from the mundane, you have a broader goal to achieve. When you embrace your real self, you open yourself to a powerful source of inspiration. It’s easy to come up with new ideas. You have the confidence to express yourself in a completely new way. You can share the beauty and knowledge of your Divine Source through creative expression. It affirms that the source of creative power lies within.

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You were meant to be a joyful creator from birth. But first you have to restore your inner strength and find your true self. It is important to believe. Believe in yourself as a divine being who has taken the form of a human. Believe in your own inner strength as you embark on your precious adventure on earth.

Here are some key questions.

  • What kind of person do you want to be?
  • What are your ambitions for the rest of your life?

Look at your answers. Make a list of them as your life goals. You create choices that honor you for who you really are when you focus on your heart’s desires. You make good use of your holy power. You lead a happy and balanced life.

Who is Zalah?

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