Lee Brice Pivots With ‘Soul,’ His Funkiest Single Yet

Lee Brice’s new single “Soul” is not a new invention. It might even be a simple vacation, from the more urgent, emotional style he’s got his signature on for a decade – but everyone needs vacation.

The singer has previously tipped to the left with great success. “A Woman Like You” was a lighter voice for him and it became his first No. 1 hit – the first of three in a row. “Drinking Class” was a Springsteen-like stomper that stepped up its live show. With “Soul” he remembers Sam Hunt’s light and gentle splash, but adds his own old-school stamp with a Motown-esque group of backing singers.

This track hops to a sweet melody and a sexy feel – any description can be a ton of wasted words because the only thing that determines how you feel about it comes at the end of the pre-chorus.

“Soul” is the “toe” song. Tony Ferrari and Kevin Kadish came up with this rhyme that goes with “Moses”, “closes” and “roses”. Word inventions are as welcome as drum loops to old school country fans, but it’s those things that can take a star to new heights. If you leave it “land” that’s all you will ever be.

At 42, with a sure legacy, Brice may want more. Think of “Soul” as its home run swing.

Did you know already?: Lee Brice drives a series of four even number 1 songs.

Lee Brices “Soul” lyrics:

Your body makes me weak / You are Mozart in the sheets / You are making a sinner of me / I will need a priest / And I will sing Holy Mother of Moses / I just want to buy you roses / Open every door that closes / And kiss you head to toe.

I like your soul, baby / You have this heart of gold, baby / I will love you until I’m old, baby / I just wanna be your baby / I like your soul, I like your soul / I like your soul, i like your soul

You don’t have to take off your clothes / To feel like you’re impressive / Must have died and gone to heaven / Go on and take me to confession / Yes, you let me sing Holy Mother of Moses / I just want you Buy roses / Open every door that closes / And kiss you from head to toe.

Repeat the chorus

Just for you to know, just for you to know / I like your soul baby.

Repeat the chorus

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