Love Horoscope for the Week of August 23

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At first glance, there might not be many incredibly exciting-sounding astrological aspects to work with this week. But if you choose your shots correctly, you have a significant chance of making some progress.

The two planets most preoccupied with love and romance, Venus and Mars, are now heavily placed. Venus continues to cross the Libra that rules them. This should create a general atmosphere of affection and kindness (even if it leads to a little overspending and dieting).

Mars is still halfway through Virgo. I think so personally Mars in Virgo is a very underrated placement. The persistent, demanding, and often angry energy of Mars needs to be toned down a bit, and placing a planet in Virgo gives it an opportunity to think things through a little clearer before taking action. On a bad day, Mars could certainly use this quality.

Perhaps the most promising aspect of your love life this week is Venus trine Saturnwhich is exactly on Monday but affects the entire week. It’s especially useful if you’re already in a relationship (or trying to build one with someone) and want to stabilize things and make them “more real”. Venus is very cute and loving, but it often lacks practicality. And if there’s one thing Saturn loves, it’s practical. Think of the Venus-Saturn trine as Marie Kondo cleaning up your emotional junk.

In the meantime, this sometimes ruthless Martian energy is tempered by Mercury versus Neptunewhat exactly is Tuesday night. Mars is currently in a sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury versus Neptune can be a little self-deceiving, but if you find yourself rethinking your urges instead of doing anything to them, this aspect can help you overcome mental blocks you are giving yourself.

Mercury itself is getting a second boost this week in the form of Mercury trine Plutowhat exactly is Thursday. While Mercury may have been a little too soft and fuzzy versus Neptune for practical results, Mercury’s trine Pluto is an excellent time to practice your passions. It is also a good time to sit down and honestly reassess yourself and your thinking.

Finally, if all this emphasis on Mercury and “thinking” doesn’t sound very romantic to you, keep in mind that Mercury is entering Libra next week. That’s right, everyone sit down and start writing those love letters!

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