Love Horoscope for the Week of August 9

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Romantic prospects rise at least a little compared to last week. Venus gets two very interesting transits: one is a little blurry and strange, and the other is powerful.

Many of you know your astrology well enough that when I say “fuzzy and strange” I am talking about Neptune. Venus versus Neptune is exactly Monday night and gives the entire love outlook for the week a kind of open-hearted, doggy-eyed, junior high crush feeling. If you’ve read my work for a very long time, you know that I always warn against being impractical or making stupid decisions at times like these. Sure, that’s a possibility, but when you’re tired of your boring and uneventful love life it can be fun and tempting to dive headfirst. Just make sure you don’t dive into the flat end, or at least wear a helmet and ruff.

(For the record, I’m not a cynic about love and romance at all. I’ve only seen enough car accidents to tell everyone to buckle up, if you know what I mean.)

On Wednesday, Venus trine Pluto is accurate. This can lead to powerful new results in your relationships with others. Now is the time to take a bold step? Is someone waiting to take a bold move against you? Either way, the Venus trine Pluto is an excellent time for some boldness. (It’s unlikely I warned you to stop you anyway!)

At this point we need to take a step back and be a little more rational with things. This is Mercury’s job, and Tuesday Mercury versus Jupiter Perhaps you wonder a little about the fine details. There will be some big words and big ideas, but they may not always come right. This aspect may not have as much of an impact as it usually does, as Mercury enters Virgo later that day.

Mercury in Virgo usually achieves excellent results. This is because Mercury is the ruler of Virgo. And when you know a lot of Virgos, you know they are awesome for times when you need a little gentle talk about something stupid you might be doing.

And, worst-case scenario? If your love life hasn’t done too much for you lately, tune in here next week and I’ll tell you all about Venus and Libra!

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