Love Horoscope for the Week of February 15

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Even if this is a weekly horoscope, it will be impossible to talk about what happened this week without discussing the single biggest aspect of the year. Saturn square Uranus makes his first exact hit on Wednesday. This will fill the entire week with disruption, confusion, and an inability to get things done sensibly and sensibly. But really look at the state of the world. Wasn’t that like that for the whole of 2021?

On Thursday the Sun enters Pisces. Pisces have a reputation for being gentle and kind, and honestly, couldn’t we all use a little more of this lately?

Fortunately, there is other good news for love and romance. And let’s face it, sometimes taking refuge with a loved one is just the way to get through things when the rest of the world is going straight to hell. Storms pass at some point – and sometimes getting through them in the right company is half the battle.

When it comes to romance, this week’s big news is Venus square Mars (on Friday). I know in the last paragraph I made the quadratic aspect sound like a bad thing. Think of Venus square Mars as exciting, but potentially useful. And with arousal, I am specifically referring to your sex drive. Let’s be honest here. Sometimes it takes an extra dose of hormones to get people out of their comfort zone and initiate a relationship (or take it to the next level). around.

If we have learned anything from Harry Potter, it is natural that one has to be careful with magic. Venus-square-Mars can certainly cause uncomfortable horniness, but Mars is also approaching the trine to Pluto. That aspect isn’t accurate until next week, but it will be built this week. This makes the energy of Venus square Mars even more powerful and irresistible.

Finally on Saturday Mercury stops its regression and goes straight. Unfortunately, this means that you will have to start blaming yourself for your mistakes again. Unless, of course, you’re a huge Mercury retrograde shadow fan, you can blame Mercury by March 13th. Glad I could help!

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