Love Horoscope for the Week of July 5

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Sometimes I need to remind myself and my readers that astrology is not fatalistic. It’s like a weather forecast. If your local weather service says there is a 75% chance of rain this weekend, reconsider your plans for the company picnic. When difficult transits happen, it doesn’t mean that everything always goes wrong for everyone. I (and you, dear reader) have to remember this principle in particular this week. Mars in Leo was struck last week as it faces both Saturn and square Uranus. Indeed, Mars square Uranus will still be in effect for the first half of this week so make sure to keep track of your temperament and where you invest your sex drive.

At least on this prognosis. What happened to Mars last week will happen on Venus this week and all of next week. I’m sorry guys Honestly, I wish I could do something, but I can’t go out and move the planets on my own. OK. Lord God. Don’t blame me. Can you say that I’m getting a little tired from all of the lousy love and romance transits that have been going on lately?

Did you feel like I was babbling a little too much in the last few paragraphs? Maybe that’s because of that Mercury square Neptunewhat exactly is Tuesday. Trust me, you’ll be wandering around too, so be careful to put your thoughts in order before yelling at anyone. Writing and proofreading could be especially challenging this week.

The one planetary aspect that has the greatest impact on love and romance this week is the exact Tuesday night. That’s when Venus versus Saturn is accurate. That is going to make this week kind of cool and aloof for many of us and our relationships. This isn’t exactly a deal breaker when it comes to new or existing relationships, but it is a much better time to work on the basics and not jump to conclusions or jump into any beds too quickly. You are more likely to hang a “Closed for Maintenance” sign on your bedroom door than one that says “Do Not Disturb”.

However, there is a glimmer of hope this week for your love life. In the second half of this week we will definitely feel the influence of Venus Square Uranuswhat exactly is Thursday. While the quadratic aspect is quite unsettling and unstable – and Uranus is the planet of the “troubled and unstable” – the excitement this aspect brings might be just what you need to cast the spell of Venus on Saturn break. At least the results you get are unlikely to be boring. Hey what’s a love life when it’s boring right?

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