manifestation 3 6 9 method

The Manifestation 3 6 9 method was founded by Karin Yee and combines Tesla’s ideas with the working method of Abraham Hicks. It is a method of manifestation that extends over 33 consecutive days.

The numbers 3, 6 and 9 are considered divine numbers, the keys to the universe. Tesla had a theory about the power of these numbers. While studying circles (360%, that’s 3 + 6 = 9), he discovered that the result would always be 3,6 or 9, no matter how often you shared the universe, nature and the human blueprint.

Quote: “When you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

It is also believed that number 3 is a direct connection to the universe, number 6 represents inner strength, and number 9 helps to resolve negative feelings.

The 3 key aspects of manifestation, as Tesla found, are energy, frequency and vibration.

Manifest with 3,6 and 9

For the next 33 days, you must commit to following the steps below.

You need: diary, pen

Step 1.)

I firmly believe that the pen will be put on paper. The most effective tool of manifestation is writing. This really gives the universe a huge boost of energy.

What do you want to manifest?

The first thing you need to do is think about what you want to manifest in your reality. According to Abraham Hicks, it takes our brain 17 seconds to generate the energy and feeling around a thought. To begin, you need to hold your affirmation in mind for 17 seconds. Try to write 2 sentences in your manifestation as it is about 17 seconds long. This will align you with the feeling of the thought.

The act of gratitude also plays a huge role in manifestation. Always start your affirmation with gratitude and end it with a feeling.


“I am grateful that the universe has teamed up with me to pull $ 10,000 into my bank account as it brings financial freedom, joy and excitement into my life.”

! Choose words that you can “feel”. In order to manifest, it is important to reinforce the energy of what you want to attract. This can be done through the use of emotion words like joy, happiness and excitement that you can really feel in your body.

Once you’ve decided on your manifestation, make sure it’s at least 2 sentences long (17 seconds). This will align your brain with the universe on what you want to attract.

Step 2 )

Every morning for the next 33 days when you wake up, take your journal and think about your confirmation for 17 seconds first. Then write down 3 times while focusing on the energy of the emotions involved.

How will it feel to be holding $ 10,000 or seeing that number in your bank account?

As you write, imagine how that money will arrive in your life.

Next, give your affirmation to the universe and trust that it will be and you will be received. Carry on with your day.

The trick here is to stop worrying about your affirmation. All negative thoughts will come right back to you and you don’t want that.

Step 3.) Take out your diary again at lunchtime. Now repeat the above steps, except that this time you will write down your affirmation 6 times.

Remember to feel the emotion. Visualize if this helps. Smile so that happy feelings can unfold in your body.

At the end of this ritual, give your affirmation to the universe again and move on with your day.

Step 4.) Just before bed, take your diary one last time for the day and repeat the process 9 times. Again, remember to really feel the emotion that you would feel if your manifestation successfully unfolded before you. Allow yourself to align with the universe. Keep your vibrations elevated by smiling, feeling and expressing gratitude, listening to music, connecting with nature, or anything else that helps you feel happy and at peace inside.

The purpose of this exercise three times a day is to

1) Script your intention for the universe

2) Reinforce your intention

3) set your manifestation in stone.

This is an incredibly powerful manifestation technique.

Follow the 369 Method of Manifestation consistently for 33 days and watch the magic unfold before you.

5 × 55 manifestation

If you are looking for a faster method of manifestation, you can use the 5 × 55 manifestation.

Again, you will need a diary and a pen. This manifestation must also be handwritten for best results.

This method requires you to write your affirmation 55 times a day over a 5 day period. It is best to find a time of day that suits you as this can take up to an hour each day. I found that I had to split my daily sessions into 2 as my wrist was getting so sore from repetitive writing. That’s fine as long as it’s 55 times a day for 5 consecutive days.

When I used this method it was amazing. At the end of the 5 days, I firmly believed that my confirmation was set in stone and the universe would deliver.

It worked perfectly. My first attempt at manifestation worked except for the letter of my affirmation. However, I did not doubt for a minute that the universe would not deliver. I had 100? Faith and trust.

I highly recommend trying either of these two methods and you will be surprised with your results if you perform them exactly as they should.

Do you have any techniques of manifestation that you would like to share? In this case, please let us know.

Much love

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