NORWAC Astrology Conference 2021 – Kelly Surtees Astrology

I am pleased to present at the NORWAC Online Astrology Conference from May 27th to 31st.

I am holding a post-conference workshop “Preparation for an astrology consultation” as well as two lectures in the main program:

  • Benefits and blessings with Venus and Jupiter
  • Evil of spirit

Here is the information about my post-conference workshop, which will take place on Monday, May 31:

Preparing for a customer consultation can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Together we will go through some important steps to prepare you, the loyalty card and your room for a great experience. I’m going to share a step-by-step checklist you can use to interpret a natal chart to make sure you are addressing key features in a chart and in terms of timing. We discuss client and practice management, including talking to your client prior to the meeting. You will explore basic counseling and listening skills for the session itself, such as time management, expectations (yours and those of the clients), and boundaries.

On Saturday, May 29th, I am presenting benefits and blessings with Venus and Jupiter

What potentials for pleasure and purpose can the benevolent planets Venus and Jupiter offer? Are there bright cycles ahead of us? How can we all access the most uplifting and enjoyable opportunities on our own charts to add ease, support, and kindness to our communities? An examination of what the beneficial planets are and how – and when – they can help, as well as simple tips on how to find paths to joy and purpose in your own horoscope.

On Sunday May 30th, I’ll be presenting Malefics of the Mind

A lecture on the symbols of fear and melancholy in the natal chart. Which chart placements, aspects or configurations could show a tendency towards anxiety or melancholy? How can the symbols in a natal chart help you or manage mental symptoms? How do timing factors such as transits, progressions or professions affect it? We will examine some of the ways astrology can describe illnesses of the mind, including the limits of what we can and cannot propose to our clients. (Medium)

You can find out more about my presentations in this video below. Registrations can be made via the NORWAC website here. I hope to see you there!

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