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Meditation is a holistic solution to many challenges and problems in our life. It’s not just about reducing stress. In our 50 years of Sahaja practice we have seen some dramatic turns for meditators in their professional lives. If your job or career in general takes up most of your day, as it does for most of us, you will be surprised how your meditation practice can transform this in a number of ways. The anecdotal experience of thousands of Sahaja practitioners confirms this kind of transformation.

The basics.

Using meditation as a foundation for professional success means meditating at least twice a day and being aware of your inner state and your more subtle being. It takes some investment of your time and a certain amount of discipline. But more importantly, you should monitor and work towards this state of equilibrium, avoiding feeling agitated and being able to maintain your composure well enough to work out solutions to problems.

In other words, you need to meditate long enough and often enough to keep yourself in this state.

Solutions to problems arise automatically.

After establishing a meditation routine, most people find a certain smoothness and flow in the way things work in their work. One surprising development is that they are much less stuck on days when their meditative state is strong. It feels like problems resolve on their own or, better yet, no longer arise or exist. Your meditation gives you a connection to the force that moves everything in this universe; You are in complete harmony with your surroundings and the people around you, so fewer problems are to be expected in your workplace.

Your colleagues are nicer to you.

Several people report that their colleagues find them more approachable and enjoyable than before, especially after a few weeks of meditation. It seems that they radiate positive vibes. We also heard that the angry bosses of the meditators are no longer so angry with them – the magical, invisible force seems to work on them too. Indeed, some practitioners report an amazing change in the attitude of their superiors towards them.

You will feel motivated and energetic like never before.

Regular meditation creates significant reserves of energy for physical, mental, and emotional activities, which results in people having more incredible energy, enthusiasm, and motivation for work. The tired feeling after every day and the burden of getting through the day are gone. In Sahaja we recommend a special and powerful technique for a foot bath and meditation to relieve your work stress every evening.

Your professional communication and social skills will improve significantly.

Spiritual meditation like Sahaja naturally makes you, and especially your inner self, a part of the collective unconscious, an area that psychologists like Carl Jung talk about. It builds a sense of collectivity in you and builds your communication and interaction skills. As a result, you will begin to release your inhibitions and build stronger relationships. This aspect also manifests and gives a boost to your career.

Your emotional intelligence will increase to fuel your career advancement.

Meditation has been shown to increase self-confidence and emotional intelligence. EI was found to predict leadership and strong job performance in the workplace, increase sales, reduce production accidents and complaints, and increase engagement and satisfaction at work. EI is the ability to recognize, understand and manage emotions and to use them constructively to facilitate thinking and control behavior.

EI shapes our self-image and our interactions with others. It defines how and what we learn from our experiences and helps us to set priorities. It determines whether you are a good team player who can work well with other colleagues. It enables you to channel your emotions and impulses in a targeted manner, to keep your goals in mind and to pursue these goals with energy and perseverance. You develop the ability to focus your emotions on the desired goal and delay gratification when there is a need to serve a larger, long-term goal. The practice of Sahaja also helps you become more aware of how your actions affect others. Your own inner process of self-actualization increases your compassion and sensitivity for others and improves your communication skills and empathy for others, which improves your relationships.

Your productivity will be increased.

With more concentration, self-confidence and perception, you will increase your productivity at work much faster than before and make you fit for success.

You can cope with the pressures and stresses of work a lot easier.

Major benefits of meditation include relief from stress and anxiety, and the first place to get these benefits is in your job, which for most people is the main source of stress.

Techniques that meditators use at work

We’ve selected the most common strategies meditators use to achieve professional and professional success:

  • Take 10 minute breaks and time outs, even if things are going well
  • Take advantage of the lunch break or a walk in the open air during your lunch to get a meditation session. This will recharge you back to the level at the beginning of your work day. If your workplace has a nice lawn, your meditation can be done, which can double the effectiveness of your meditation.
  • Use your vibrations to gauge the effectiveness of a solution or how a situation is evolving. In our online meetings, we focus on vibration awareness workshops.
  • Assess the people you are dealing with and their positive or negative energies
  • Increase your productivity through early morning meditation. Despite all the challenges, it creates the conditions for clear and balanced attention that can easily help you get through the day.
  • Prepare for the next day by using a foot bath at the end of the day before bed.
  • Use mindless awareness to find breakthrough solutions to problems. Practitioners often use this almost magical technique to get rid of problems at work and spend some time in the mindless state of consciousness. Sahaja is all about that higher state of consciousness that connects you to the powerful, all pervasive energy of the universe. In fact, instead of using your mental energies all the time, you are using the universe’s intelligence and intuition to find answers to problems and it will most likely be successful.

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