Monday 14 June 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

2 Corinthians 6: 1-10. The Lord announced His salvation – Ps 97 (98): 1-4. Matthew 5: 38-42.

Now is the time of God’s grace, now is the day of salvation

How often do we live in the now? I mean actually living in every moment, being aware of what it is presenting to us? Including God’s favor and salvation. Overwhelming when you really stop thinking about and realizing what is on offer. Today. In this current moment. Right now. God’s favor is upon us. It is so easy to ignore the present moment because our minds are always looking to the past and the future. In the past and its pain and in the future and what it could bring. But the only moment we are guaranteed is the one we are currently experiencing. May we try to live a little more in the present moment every day and seek God’s loving presence with us every moment.

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