Monday 5 July 2021 – Daily Prayer

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St. Anthony Zaccaria

Genesis 28: 10-22. In you, my God, I trust – Ps 90 (91): 1-4, 14-15. Matthew 9: 18-26.

Your faith made you well

This passage begins with “While Jesus was saying this. . . ‘ and then describes how he was interrupted by a Jewish officer who actually knelt before him to tell him that his daughter had died. Jesus and his apostles immediately followed this man to his house. Despair and grief can have unpredictable consequences, and I am sure this officer would never have imagined kneeling before Jesus. Then, as Jesus left, he felt someone touch his cloak and he knew what was happening. Moreover, Jesus understood the woman’s courage along with the desperate hope that was based on faith. How many times have we desperately asked Jesus to heal ourselves or others? How many times have we kneeled before him or reached out in our hearts to touch his cloak? How many times have we seen Jesus listen to us, how Jesus saw our courage, and Jesus was moved by our requests? Jesus, you are all powerful, all truth and all love. Help us notice the path you are walking into our home as we ask you to come and support us with faith that you will touch your cloak. Hold us tight until we calmly settle in your love while we wait for the outcome of our prayer.

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