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The mystery of the Incarnation overcomes the problem of distance. Without the Incarnation, without the full Incarnation of God’s Word, God will never be more than an abstraction. One cannot come close to an abstraction. You cannot experience intimacy with an idea. But through the Incarnation we can fall in love with a person and indulge in him.

During your day or week, look for times when God is close to you or when you feel close to God. You may feel this closeness in prayer and in the liturgy. Maybe it is when you are with friends and family. Maybe God feels closest to you when you are in nature or serving others. How would you describe those moments of closeness to God? What feelings arise in you in these moments? Call out to God in these moments because these are the times when God calls you.

—Excerpt from Little Lessons from the Mystics by Bob Burnham

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