Superman & Lois Promo Is All About Teen Spirit

Things are looking bleak for the Kent’s in the promo for the latest Superman & Lois episode, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which premieres on The CW on May 18th.

Teenage life gets complicated for the Kent family in the promo clip for Superman & Lois’ upcoming episode, “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which debuts on The CW on May 18th.

The clip of Superman & Lois from season 1, episode 6 shows Jordan confronting the tyrant Tag Harris – who attacked him in episode 5 – followed by a scene in which Lois comforts Jordan.

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After a cursory glance at a scene in which Jordan knocks a log and leaves a dent, he says his powers only bring him further away from people than closer. The trailer also shows General Sam Lane telling someone on the phone to “disable a threat” while Superman tries to stop a soldier from firing his weapon while standing over Jordan.

Superman & Lois will be on hiatus caused due to a coronavirus-based delay in the start of season 1 production. The final season of Supergirl premieres on March 30th, and upon the return of Superman & Lois, Supergirl will end its final season in the summer.

Superman & Lois plays Tyler Hoechlin, Elizabeth Tulloch, Dylan Walsh, Alex Garfin, Jordan Elsass, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Inde Navarrette and Wolé Parks. The series will return on The CW on Tuesday, May 18th.

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