The #1 Secret To Be Stress-Free

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Live in the Present Moment: The Only Secret to Being Stress Free

Today I want to tell you how to live in the present moment, the only secret to being stress free. Let’s start by looking at what stress is and what effects it has on our bodies.

Stress and your health

According to the US National Library of Medicine, stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. This is how your body reacts to every challenge or requirement. Thoughts, events, or feelings of frustration, anger, or nervousness can lead to stress. When your body experiences stress, it releases hormones that make your brain more alert, tense muscles, and increase your heart rate.

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In brief bursts, stress can be a good thing. Brief bursts of stress are called acute stress. When you step on the brakes, when a deadline is approaching, or when you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you experience acute stress. The reason acute stress can be good is that in dangerous situations it can save your life or motivate you to get a task done on time.

However, long-term stress, also called chronic stress, can be very harmful to you. Financial problems, chronic anxiety, or abusive relationships can cause chronic stress. This type of stress is very bad for you and over time it can lead to a number of health problems.

Some health problems related to chronic stress include:

● high blood pressure
● heart disease
● diabetes
● obesity
● Depression or anxiety

The 1 secret to being stress free: Live in the present moment

Now that you know the dangers of stress, you may want to consider how you can relieve chronic or unnecessary stress from your life. In short, the only secret to being stress free is to live in the present moment.

When you live in the present moment, you let go of both the past and the future to instead lead your life into one with your body, your emotions, and your immediate situation. The benefit of living in the present is that you focus on what you can control and let go of things that are out of control. You may be thinking, “Who is not living in the present moment?” And brush that advice off. But the truth is that very few people are consciously living in the present.

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Let’s do a quick exercise in the present tense. I want you to close your eyes and think about everything you did today. Above all, pay attention to all the times that you either lived in the past or in the future. Common examples of life outside of the present include worrying about tomorrow’s busy schedule, allowing past relationship mistakes to dictate angry relationships, or sticking to your phone in social situations.

I suspect that you spent much of your day worrying about the past or the future and you weren’t able to effectively live in the present. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to learn how to really live more in the present moment. Of course, it is good to think about your future and think about your past. In fact, thinking about your past and future will help you grow and create the life you want. But it is important that you use the past and future to create a present that makes you happy and fulfilled.

Live in the Present Moment Mindset – Bring Eastern Philosophy to the West

You may have been advised to spend more time “living in the present moment,” but what does that really mean? Present-moment thinking has been the concentration of Eastern religions for thousands of years.

Religion and philosophy

Some people are tempted to turn away immediately when Eastern philosophy comes up, just because they think it might threaten their core religious beliefs. However, there are no religious demands; Living in the Present Moment Mindset is available to everyone at any moment, no matter who you are. In fact, in one way or another, most religions agree with belief in living in the moment, not the past or future.

Live in the moment meaning and Eastern religions

There are many different religions in the east, just like in the west. Many of them differ in certain beliefs and philosophies, but many agree on the importance of living in the present moment. Over the past few decades, the West has taken up these ancient philosophies and many people use these lessons to help them cope with modern problems. It works and it proves that the human condition has always been the same.

The present moment defines

Living in the present moment can be defined as focusing your attention solely on what you are doing. It is when you are not thinking of “other things”. As you wash the dishes, your mind is fully aware as you turn on the faucet, grab the sponge, and wipe the plates clean. There are no thoughts on your mind other than what you are doing.

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While staying in the present moment may seem boring at times, you have probably already felt its true power without really knowing it. Have you ever been outside and enjoyed nature and a feeling of calm overwhelms you? Have you ever gazed at the sky and stars and pondered the meaning behind them? The past and future are washed away, and the only thing that matters in this moment is the “now”.

Stay in the present moment

The process of staying and being able to live in the present moment can take some practice. If you are trying to remain fully present for an extended period of time, your mind will likely try to get you free. This is because thoughts about the past and the future are constantly creeping in.

This can be a source of frustration, but you need to fight the urge to judge yourself as this negative emotion would defeat the purpose. Be aware that your mind is aiming for the past and future, but be ready to let go of these thoughts as they arise. The more you practice staying present, the easier it gets.

Practice meditation to live in the present moment

Meditation is an art that is not only reserved for the Eastern religions. It is a method of bringing yourself into the present that is always available to you.

Here are some tips to live in the present moment and obey as you begin meditation:

* Pick a time of day when you can relax and be alone.
* Sit in a position that gives you good posture.
* Focus on your breathing.
* Breathe in and out deeply, focusing only on your breath.
* Try to meditate for at least 30 minutes each day.
* Fight the urge to fall asleep.

You will find that with practice you will get better at meditation. Do not give yourself up! Each session may not feel as good as the last, but it’s important to stick with it.

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You will get to know your body and mind better through meditation. You will remain aware when your mind is in an excited state and you will be better able to focus on solving your problems and achieving your goals. All in all, developing a mindset for the present moment can bring you more peace and fulfillment in your life. Isn’t it worth a little practice?

Start using your energy to live in the present moment. Allow yourself to feel emotions as they come and focus on the tasks that are right in front of you. As you do this, you will see how much of your stress melts away and helps you live a stress free life.

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