Will Nancy ever get rid of Odette’s spirit?

The Aglaeca has undoubtedly caused a lot of grief for the Drew crew. In the first season of Nancy Drew, the Spirit of the Sea managed to kill Nancy’s love interest, Owen Marvin. Shortly thereafter, she came for the Drew Crew, but not without giving them a preview of their miserable death.

In the end, George was as good as dead and Nancy had to take drastic measures to revive her. Of all the creepy creatures we’ve seen so far, the Aglaeca wasn’t just the most difficult to defeat; She was responsible for the greatest losses.

Also, Nancy and her friends may think they saw the last sea ghost, but that’s not entirely true. While the magic that took place during Nancy’s last standoff with the Aglaeca banished the sea spirit portion, the woman behind it is still present. Somehow Odette Lamar could bond with George.

We’ll witness it as soon as George looks in a mirror and we see Odette follow her. Not as a sea spirit in a fish-like form, but as the spirit of the once living woman. George also displays strange behavior, uses foreign oil, sings French songs, and passes out.

However, it won’t be as easy to decipher what is going on than asking George. She doesn’t seem to know that Odette is to blame for everything she experiences.

George, however, who whispers to himself at the end of “The Riddle of the Broken Doll”: “I’m still here”, means that she is aware of a struggle to stay present in her body. George has to fight to stay conscious and under control.

It’s possible that Odette, while not showing any malicious takeover vibes, is comfortable in George’s body. She may even seek a full takeover, which means Odette will have to be ruled out at some point.

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What does Nancy Drew have to do to get rid of Odette?

Odette’s lingering mind also begs the question of whether Odette has unfinished business keeping her in the living world? Nancy had previously tried to find out everything about Odette and offer everything from her necklace to the public disclosure of Odette’s killer. What else could be resolved?

Of course, Odette could only take the opportunity to be a living person again. And that would force the Drew crew back where they started, but this time it’s not about lifting a curse associated with a sea spirit. This time they have to exorcise a ghost from George’s body, which Hannah must have a quick guide for somewhere.

The more important question is whether removing Odette’s ghost will have any lasting effects. I mean, what if George survived only because of the shroud, but because of Odette’s ghost?

Worse, what if the time Odette spent in George’s body leads to more serious consequences? After the Drew crew goes through it all, they might lose George anyway.

Nancy and her friends must first beat the dark beings that were previously unleashed on the city. Hopefully all of the legwork to rid Horseshoe Bay of the spirit world will prepare her to battle Odette when the time is right.

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