Thursday 21 October 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

Romans 6: 19-23. Happy are those who hope in the Lord – Psalm 1: 1-4; Luke 6: 12: 49-53.

Respect one another in our differences

How do we develop an awareness of the good in disagreement? Jesus gives us a wonderful insight into the importance of accepting others for who they are and, when necessary, respectfully disagreeing. In our hectic world, problems need to be resolved quickly. The time it takes to discuss a problem and come up with an answer is seldom given. As a result, we often find that when there is disagreement, frustration develops quickly and each party adopts the flawed approach of winning the other over or trying to change the other’s mind. Jesus came to divide. His wish was that people seek God and choose His will, rather than the wishes of the family or society for us. This division is healthy and life-giving and essentially respects the freedom that is offered to all people. Respecting the other includes respecting them in their diversity. Let’s practice this today.

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