Thursday 8 July 2021 – Daily Prayer

About today

Genesis 44: 18-21, 23-29; 45: 1-5. Think of the miracles the Lord performed – Ps 104 (105): 16-21. Matthew 10: 7-15.

You received for free: Give for free

The gospel presents us with a difficult job description today. Go to work without money, without a bag, without spare clothes, without auxiliary items. Stick with a trustworthy person, don’t leave your calm where it is not welcome. It follows the reading of the Old Testament in which Joseph began his work in Egypt as a slave who owns nothing but belongs to others. Can we be that committed? Can we let go of all the things we believe will make us who we are and bring the good news to those we are sent to? It is a difficult clearing out of our lives that is required to live the call of Jesus. The answer to the psalm tells us what we should be: thankful. Remember what God has done for us and therefore give everything that is asked of us with deep gratitude.

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