Tuesday 29 June 2021 – Daily Prayer

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Ss Peter and Paul

Acts 12: 1-11. The Lord has set me free from all my fears – Ps 33 (34): 2-9. 2 Timothy 4: 6-8, 17-18. Matthew 16: 13-19.

Who is Jesus to me? My life, not my words, is my answer

There are three questions Jesus asked in the Gospels that we should hear directed to ourselves. They ask for our response as Christians baptized into the mystery of the risen Christ.

The questions are: “Who do you say I am?” – here addressed by Jesus to his disciples. ‘Do you know what I did to you?’ – given to the disciples at the Last Supper, after he had washed their feet (Jn 13:12). ‘Do you love me?’ – asked repentant Peter three times about the resurrection (John 21: 15-17).

It can be beneficial for us to ask Jesus the first of these questions about ourselves. Our true identity is nowhere to be found but in his answer.

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