Why Kevin Hart Obsesses Over Skin Care

Actor-comedian-producer Kevin Hart isn’t used to being at home, but that doesn’t mean he’s less busy. Through his company Laugh Out Loud, he works with Headspace, a meditation app, on content such as “Mindful Runs”, “Energy Shots” and “Meditate With Me”, motivational programs that combine comedy with mindfulness. They will all be rolled out this month. And by the way, Mr. Hart, 41, has taken up the cause of skin care, wellness and even fragrances. Here is his pandemic care and wellness routine.

First things first, I’ll have a drink of water. I am a loyal water-through-the-night stand guy. Then I go to the bathroom and pour some water on my face. You have to change that slack and fatigue look in the mirror. Then I put a nice warm towel on my face.

My skin care comes exclusively from Tina K. She is a facial care professional and has been doing my face for over 10 years. A friend referred me to her, and this friend was more involved in skin care than anyone else in my life.

Little did I know about the different qualities and levels of skin care. I was overwhelmed by Tina. She worked on my schedule. She made me commit to my skin. I imagine it this way: Just as I am committed to health and wellness or write a script, it should be the same with skin care.

Before Covid, I saw her about twice a month to make sure I got a thorough clean. Then it’s about consistency – the laundry, the peeling, the mask. These are things I never thought I would talk about in a thousand years! But everything deserves an opportunity to be taken care of – your skin, your heart, your body, your mind. It’s all stuff to work on and it won’t be good overnight.

After that, I’m at the gym at 6 a.m. I usually train between 5 and 6 a.m. – I keep the sun high – because nine times out of ten I don’t have to be anywhere. Getting up so early was a gradual change. I realized that I would not be able to consistently give my best if I did not meet the training time. Especially when I was on tour or filming, the only time that was mine was my morning.

I’ve been an early riser at the gym for about six years. I love it now – you get a little calmer, you can listen to music – it’s almost therapeutic for me. I train with my trainer Ron Boss Everline. We have broken the eight-year mark. I like the fact that we grew together.

Much of my accomplishments come from taking care of myself and my body, and I owe it to him. He helped me fall in love with the lifestyle. He didn’t throw me the hardest thing in the world. It’s about learning to love it.

It’s not about getting a crazy result in a short amount of time. It’s about gradual results: if I achieve more, I can unlock different levels. We’re all over the map, from full-body exercises to weights to bands and cardio. For cardio, it can be mountain biking or beach training. We just try to keep it fun and fresh.

I go to the steam room first and then take a shower. I love steam. A good sweat is always welcome. I’m a body wash guy in the shower. I could use all of these different combinations that Byredo offers – the shower gel and the lotions. Men deserve to smell good. My toothbrush, Bruush, this is my newfound love and I’m an investor now. You get the gums, you get every little spot. And I’ve always been using the same toothpaste, Colgate White – since I was 4 years old. Deodorant, I like the regular, 24-hour protection from degrees.

I have a manscaper – a real product! It’s pretty stupid. I usually swear by it, but sometimes you have to let it get out of control for a minute. The woman has to understand that we are locked.

I don’t use anything fancy on my hair. No particular brand. However, I do like some of Moroccanoil’s products.

I am very into fragrances. Le Labo has an amazing collection. I love the exclusive offers that are only available in certain cities – very exclusive wines. I wear Lys 41. To me, learning about scents is like doing things across the board. I have a lot of expectations of myself. I choose not to cheat. I like the detail.

In the past year, you’ve definitely had plenty of time to think. I am available. You need to make the best of it to find the positive in the negative of what is going on. To myself, I can sit down and be with my kids and wife in ways I’ve never had before.

There was a comedian who said something like, “I’ve never been home on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday.” These are our working days. I have never been home for consecutive weekends for years. It was amazing to have this time to really speak and communicate with my family, understand my family, and let my family understand me. I realize that there are ways to prioritize and make myself more available and make sure my family comes first.

Meditation plays a big role for me. Racing biking and running, that’s my best time to relax and develop a space for thought. I think about the wish list, what I want to do and what I want to do or do better. We have a massage chair at home and it’s in a secluded place where there’s no TV or music. I use the Headspace app there. I had to learn to switch off in my head. It is not a matter of course for me.

What I found at Headspace is that there is an easy way to coach you to relax and really clear your mind. Currently I can do this for a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes. That’s why I partnered with them on content.

I also have the theragun. I’m a fan. It ranks high in my household, like just chilling on the couch.

I’ve gotten into some CBD stuff, but haven’t OD’ed it yet, in the sense that I haven’t researched everything out there and found the best. I’m old school. I still make Epsom salts in the bathroom.

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