Families ‘driven mad’ by ice cream van jingle ‘so loud it penetrates your soul’

Families say they are driven insane by the noise of an ice cream truck that is said to be so loud “it gets to the soul”.

People in an area south of Liverpool say the jingle manages to wake up their sleeping children or disrupt bedtime because the kids are fighting over ice cream.

Frustrated residents say that the “deafening” noise that regularly circulates through the streets is driving them to the edge.

Mark Donkin, 36, who lives in Aigburth, told the Liverpool Echo, “The noise, it gets into your soul.

“It’s so shrill and just so loud and it comes around every day.

“It throws you off from whatever you’re doing right now.”

Mark said the main problem for him is that the thundering jingle arrives near his house when he tries to put his two-year-old daughter to sleep.

He said, “Whenever I drop her off, the ice cream truck seems to come by and always wake her up.

“It’s every day and it’s very intense, I work at home and often have to interrupt Zoom calls and meetings because I can’t hear anything when the van comes by.”

He added, “I’m 36 and honestly not an old grumpy fool, but it’s just getting too much.”

Distracted, Mark was sharing his views on the social media site next door.

He said, “I was worried that it was just me and that I was going a little crazy, but there were so many answers and 90% agreed with me.”

Many people replied that they were also marginalized by the deafening sounds of the ice cream cart’s song.

One said: “MATE, I call it the music wagon, but it usually comes by twice a day, the second time usually, especially when I’ve got my child to sleep, I’m a little over it, especially when it’s the middle of winter. “

Another local from Aigburth added: “It’s way too loud and takes way too long.

“I am partially deaf and at the end of the street I can hear it as clearly as anything else! I feel for all of you who have your full hearing. “

And another frustrated parent said, “MUCH too loud! Comes around the children’s bedtime. It either wakes them up or causes a bedtime argument because they want to eat ice cream when they need to sleep. “

Mark said, “I was relieved when I posted it to the group and about 90% of the people who responded agreed with me and showed me that hopefully I won’t go insane.”

“Not sure what we can do, I could stand outside and take a decibel reading and suggest that the noise could be quieter.”

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