How to work with Chiron in the CHANI app

It took a long time, but Chiron finally landed on the CHANI app. This affectionate centaur bucks at the gates and is ready to hoist.

The placement of Chiron on your chart may indicate a bruise that keeps swelling or a knot that you need to keep untying. It can also highlight a place where you feel like a loner or an outsider.

Half human, half beast, half god, half mortal, Chiron can raise questions about belonging. The centaur’s medicine is to teach your wounds and sores. Study them. If Chiron plays a prominent role in your natal chart, you can even make it your business to share this learning, mending, and growing with other people.

Work with Chiron in 3 ways in the CHANI app:

1. Learn more about your natal Chiron and how it interacts with other planets in your chart.

Phone that displays the content of the Chiron natal chart in the Chani app

2. Discover how Chiron’s journey through Aries affects you in the current sky.

Telephone that shows the current sky content of Chiron in the CHANI app

3. Work with Chiron’s medicine with a new ritual and meditation.

Phone with Chiron content and a link to the App Store

Don’t you see Chiron? Try closing and reopening your app. If that doesn’t work, read how to update the app here.

Chiron’s mythology has some sore spots around abandonment and rejection. Modern astrologers have nicknamed Chiron “the wounded healer”, in part because of the phrase in which this “wisest and fairest centaur” is pierced by a poisoned arrow. Although Chiron was known as a healer (he literally taught Asclepios, the god of medicine, how to heal), this was a wound he could not heal.

What we lose with the nickname “wounded healer” is that Chiron was primarily a mentor. In addition to Asklepios, his students included the heroes Achilles, Ajax, Heracles, Perseus and Jason as well as the famous twins Castor and Pollux and the god Dionysus. Chiron’s name comes from “kheir,” the Greek word for hand, and Chiron was an expert in all kinds of crafts including archery, music, lyre, medicine-making, and fortune-telling. (For a modern display of his talents, consider the job of a chiropractor.)

Astronomically speaking, Chiron has been classified as a minor planet located between Saturn and Uranus in our solar system.

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