Tarot Tools For Transformation: Mind, Body, & Soul

Tarot photo by Lilith Dorsey. The Wild Unknown Tarot presented by Kim Krans. All rights reserved.

Many people know that tarot is mainly used for divination. Through them we can find out what may be hidden or unknown to us and also find out what the future may bring. Ways to use tarot as a transformation tool

  • Tarot can be used as a meditation tool. You can meditate on a card that you get repeatedly in your readings or one that you want to focus on as a quality that you want to see in your life. Use your best meditation practices – this could mean sitting quietly with the card, lighting a candle or incense stick, and deeply exploring the meanings and images of your favorite deck.
  • Dreams can themselves be full of messages and inspiration. However, sometimes their meaning is difficult to decipher. Tarot can help you explore these symbols either by reading particularly meaningful dreams or by using the symbols on the cards and seeing how they can correspond to some of the recurring elements in your dreams.
  • Journaling and Magickal records can also help you understand the cards and yourself. You can use the cards as a journal request and / or record your readings. It’s a great exercise to develop and you’ll thank yourself down the road later.
  • Ancestor worship is experiencing a renaissance and it is high time it did. Often times, clients come to me to read their ancestors’ messages and lessons that may have been lost. Most people only know the names and stories of their immediate family, but tarot can help us unlock so much more. Consider reading your ancestral names and traits that you may find helpful.
  • Part of divination, and probably life itself, depends on telling a story. This is how people make sense and learn. I’m not just saying this because I’ve written 6 books. There’s a reason we tell stories to our teens and enjoy them all our lives. A popular spread for the cards I’ve seen is shuffling and then laying out the entire major arcana to tell a story about the particular situation or person. It’s not necessarily the best choice for every situation, but if you are not used to this spread, I recommend trying once or twice just to better understand the relationship between the forces of the universe.

This list is just a starting point, there are many more ways you can use the tarot to change your own life and that of those who come to read you! For more information on divination and tarot, check out the other posts here in the Voodoo Universe! If you’d like to book a reading, you can contact me at [email protected]! As always, if you enjoyed what you read here, please do us a favor and like, comment, and share us!

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