Solar Eclipse in Gemini: Drama, Duality and A Beginning

The second eclipse of the mid-2021 eclipse season occurs this week, and it’s a dramatic solar or new moon eclipse in Gemini on Thursday, June 10th. This solar eclipse will occur at 19 Gemini and add to an excessive Gemini mood that’s taking place right now.

The themes of the Gemini house or part of your chart could all be exhaustive or you could be more busy than usual in that area of ​​your life. The combination of the solar eclipse in Gemini, along with retrograde Mercury also in Gemini, creates strong and extreme mental energy that may hum your brain or overwhelm your mind. Any type of grounding practice or ritual will be helpful in calming your system and keeping you in the present. Think about time in nature, a salt bath, body oil (like sesame oil) or grounding, warming and simple foods.

You can move between old and new, around the themes or areas of your life in your twin house. You might finish something while at the same time working to prepare for a fresh start. Let me know how this works out for you in the comments below.

All eclipses can bring drama and intensity. Since this solar eclipse is a new moon and is near the North Node, it could inspire an intense desire for progress, for progress, and for a great fresh start. The North Knot can have a workaholic quality that is often relentless and extreme or out of whack. The future you have planned for may be within reach, but with the Mercury retrograde solar eclipse ruler, you may still need to sort out some logistics or details before the big new comes along.

Speaking of Mercury: Mercury will also be in the Cazimi state in Gemini on Thursday, which gives the events of the solar eclipse intensity and a quality of insight or foresight. Something could be sown deep within you now. If so, give it some time before you share or show the world. Awareness is dawning, but planning and implementation may take weeks or months to bear fruit.

This solar eclipse may bring progress or be the culmination of a major longer-term plan that was first launched in May / June 2020. At that time, the north node moved into the Gemini, and that is the part of the node axis that goes through the will intensify June 10 Gemini solar eclipse. June 2021 and this solar eclipse in Gemini can help set something in motion that was first thought up or called a possibility back then. For me, this relates to returning to Canada, which I talk a little about in the video below.

How do you experience this solar eclipse? Where is it on your chart?

I also talk about the solar eclipse in Gemini in this video:

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