what is a stone of love

We are born ready and ready to love, but through painful experiences we learn to close our hearts and withdraw from connection. Love stones work by helping to heal the heart from old pain and by opening the channels of giving and receiving so that your heart is ready to open to new love.

When there is love in your life, anything is possible. You will be more inspired to work hard and achieve your goals. You will also love to dream and make those dreams come true.

When everything is going well in your personal life, the good energies will cascade to the other aspects of your life, inviting more abundance and prosperity.

First we must learn to love ourselves completely, because without self-love we cannot give healthy love to another.

What is a stone of love

For thousands of years, people have searched for ways to draw love into their lives. Many rituals, talismans and spells have been used over time, usually with crystals.

A stone or crystal, when filled with the right intention, can help heal the heart, build self-esteem, and forgive past pains. Because of their balancing properties and powerful vibrations, love stones can help you align with happiness and love and open your heart to it.

The natural vibrations of crystals help power everything from watches to computers, and they are great for bringing them into your own energy field and personal life to make a change.

Each crystal emits a different vibration or frequency. Depending on its unique vibrations, crystal energy can be used for love.

Rose quartz

There has ever been a stone for universal love – it is! Rose quartz is a gentle, calming stone that invites love into your life. It is one of the best all-purpose stones that can be used to be more receptive to giving and receiving love. Its soft pink, semi-transparent hue exudes a calming energy. This stone promotes unconditional love, tenderness and passion. Rose quartz also vibrates with new love and the beginning of new relationships.

Actually referred to as the Heart Stone, if you are looking for love in different areas of your life this is the stone for you. Rose quartz gently opens your heart and activates the heart chakra, promoting self-love, which radiates outward and can help attract meaningful, loving relationships.

Heal a broken heart

Rose quartz is effective in healing a broken heart as it is filled with calming and calming energy, bringing calm and peace. Rose quartz will help increase your self-esteem and balance your emotions, thereby reducing the stress and anger associated with a heartbreak.

When we are happy and feel loved, our heart chakra is in balance. We tend to feel peaceful, compassionate, and full of love when the heart chakra is in this state.

However, when our heart chakra is out of balance it can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression. Emotions like broken heart can certainly cause our heart chakra to become unbalanced.

Love stones work by bringing our heart chakra back into balance and helping us to heal our heart and to feel at peace again.

One of the best ways to use rose quartz is to put it over your heart. This can help heal any problems in your heart such as: B. Feelings of hurt, grief, sadness, and despair. The stone actually helps bring these problems to the surface.

“You can also wear rose quartz as a necklace over your heart or as a bracelet that touches your skin. Rose quartz can also be stored next to your bedside table to create soothing vibrations of love and peace. If you are in a romantic relationship, it is also advisable to have not one but two pieces of rose quartz in the room to keep both hearts open for love.


Rhodochrosite is a beautiful red / pink colored crystal that is wonderful for working with matters of the heart. This stone is great because of its calming and positive energy for balancing the heart chakra, bringing emotions to the surface and enabling personal growth, self-forgiveness and self-love.

Rhodochrosite aligns us with the frequency of love and allows us to touch the child within us; supports us in healing emotional wounds and trauma. Rhodochrosite also helps us find our innate hidden talents and abilities that reside within each of us, which ultimately increases our self-love and deepens our compassion for others

Rhodochrosite also helps improve your damaged self-esteem and can relieve any emotional stress related to heartache. This crystal can even attract new love into your life!

Rhodochrosite is a useful crystal for healing the heart and dealing with painful feelings without switching off. The stone promotes the expression of your feelings and passionate urges and supports you in finding peace and moving on after a breakup.

You need a rhodochrosite stone because it will help you use your own personal power to reach your full potential. They will be comfortable with your own strengths and abilities and will give you the confidence to be whoever you want to be. Rhodochrosite will also restore your sense of wholeness.

Crystal care

Stone healing is an excellent form of natural medicine, but the stones used must also be treated carefully. Crystals accumulate negative energy and this needs to be cleared in order to keep the crystal in its best condition. Most types of crystals can be cleaned by soaking them in clear water, but this is not suitable for all crystals. Varieties such as selenite and calcite can be damaged or even dissolve if left in water. A simple and universal cleaning method is to leave the crystals in the moonlight overnight.

No crystal has the ability to solve all of your problems or miraculously bring your soulmate into your life. However, they can help you develop a healthy state of mind and emotions so that you can be open to giving and receiving love.

Look out for my next post where I’ll talk about how to use a crystal lattice for love and healing.

Much love

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